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HTC One S Power button is not working

The ower button on my phone is not working very good anymore and I got this phone the day it was released. I can't use the power button to even manualy turn the phone off anymore and now it sometimes works on the first time to power up to unlock the screen and sometimes I have to push it multiple times to even power up to get to the unlock screen. Does anybody know why it is doing this and if there is a way to fix it, or should I just bring it in to my local T-Mobile store?

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    If you contact HTC and explain the problem you are having with the power button on the SIM cover they may send you a replacement cover. I believe there have been some issues with this cover. If you search this forum, you might find more info.

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    Mine is doing the exact same thing!  HTC sent me out a new back cover but that didnt help.  Your phone is still under warranty so call the 1-800 and they will send you out a new one and you can send that one back. 

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    Hi revey21!


    I am so sorry to hear about the power button issues!  Has this issue been resolved? As others mentioned, this may be related to the back cover.



    Let us know!


    Community Mod

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    I'm having the same problem. I just recieved my 3rd new phone (2nd replacement phone), and find it interesting that the back cover is NOT included with the "new" phone, since the button appears to be an issue.  My old phone works just fine if I can get it to wake up. Sometimes it works, but more and more often the only way to turn it on is to take the back cover off and push the button inside manually. However even when I hold it down it will not reboot the system. 


    I do hope that HTC will resolve this problem. I don't want to return this phone again! 

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    My phone just starting behaving the same way....I haven't removed the back cover for at least over a month, so the theory that the button was damaged during removal/replacement of the back cover doesn't hold.

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    anyone with HTC ONE S having power button or back cover problems, I was having issues with it power button wouldn't open phone so would plug in charger to unlock anyways phone died now that doesnt work becuase of the power button or back cover ( which looks perfect )  idk if i have warranty 3 months old t moblie

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    This issue has bugged me for ages. My HTC Incredible S developed the same problem way back in September. The power button started to become unresponsive. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it wouldn't. After a week or so, it failed to respond altogether. But rather than being "broken", it seemed to be permenantly engaged. Consequently, the battery lasted 3 hours max, even with the brightness turned right down and no apps running. It wouldn't screen lock and the only way to reboot was to replace the battery. Of course without the screen lock I had to carry it round in a protective case so I didn't accidentally activate an app or call someone.

    At the time it was 14 months old, so still under its 2 year warranty. I discussed the problem with HTC online and they advised they would pick it up by courier and disgnose/fix if possible.

    A couple of weeks later they sent back the phone with some pictures showing "evidence" of water damage. Since water damage was not covered by the warranty, they refused to do anything with it and advidsed me to claim from insurance. Now a couple of thing annoyed me about this:

    1. I work in technology, and am fully aware of the cost to the environment of disposing electronic goods after end of life. It is far too easy for manufacturers to take this stance, but of course you can understand it, since they get a new sale.

    2. Water damage was not the cause of the problem, but they assume that I will believe them because they are they experts. Again, they get a new sale. Water damage would be an immediate failure, not a gradual one.


    Having researched the forums, it seems HTC phones suffer this problem a lot. Perhaps other manufacturers also, but it's the first time it's hapenned to me, and I tend to keep my phones for a couple of years. My guess was that this is a problem of dust and dirt getting into the button mechanism and making it stick. I had planned on taking it apart and attempting to clean the insides, but at the time I didn't want to risk breaking it and losing it before the end of my contract. So I have lived with it since then, keeping it in its horrible case and plugging it in almost permenantly. I even have a portable charger that is frequently in use since I travel a lot.


    I'm coming to the end of my contract, so yesterday I decided to give it a go. You-Tube is full of video's showing how to dismantle phones, so with a couple of jewellery drivers I took the main circuit board out (be careful with the ribbon connectors!). There was nothing obvious, but I gave it a bit of a general clean around with neat methanol and a swab. Ethanol or methylated spirits should work just as well, perhaps even vodka, but be sure that it is fully dried out before you put it back together. Don't use water, or acetone (it could melt some of the plastics). A cotton bud should be a good substitute for the swab, but rub gently so as not to break anything. For the power button, I squirted the methanol hard into the button unit a few times and used compressed air to clear the liquid. You can buy cans of compressed air from photographic suppliers or online. Don't blow into it, your breath is full of moisture.

    Having put it back together, hey presto, the button works like new. All in all it took me under an hour. It would have taken HTC 15 minutes. My question to them would be, "Water damage?"


    If you attempt this, it is easy, so long as you're careful, follow the video's, note where all the screws go as you do it (and don't lose them!), and use the right liquids. I will be posting a similar story on HTC's forum. Perhaps they'll respond, although I suspect the only response will be censorship!


    Good luck.

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    Zach, you should have a warranty

    I think all devices that T-Mobile sells has at least a 1 year warranty.

    As to it not turning back on, this may sound a bit funny But try this. I am having the same issue, Mine happened right after the 1 year mark on my device.

    I found that if I pinch the phone body between my thumb and index finger where the power button is and press the power button it will come back on, now that is a bit of a pain, but it has worked


    I have had to resort to the App  "Shake Screen On" and the built in "Screen Lock Widget" on my home screen to allow me to use the phone at all.


    Since mine is past the warranty from T-Mobile I am looking to see if it can be fixed via HTC or if I have to work on soldering a new switch onto the device.

    I hope HTC can fix it because truthfully I drink far too much coffee to allow me to do any steady precise soldering...



    William G

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    They are not saying it was caised by water damage

    Water damage voids the warranty

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    My power button failed yesterday.  It will not turn the screen on/off or power down/on the phone.  I've resorted to using the countdown timer to wake the phone every ten minutes.  The "pinch to wake" method that felixtkat mentions works.  But that will get tedious after a while.


    Luckily I can still get incoming calls. 

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    My power button is not working either, the flap came entirely off, But i was wondering what do you do when the phone shuts down all the way, or the battery dies and you have to turn it back on? Thanks

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    I started having the same problem a few months ago. It frustrated me so much. I found a trick to it. Obviously something is not making proper contact. If you pinch the phone anywhere about an inch under the power button it turns on like magic. Hope this works for everyone else as well.

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    MY Wife had/has this phone.  She just got her replacement yesterday.  But not the old phone is completly dead and we can't get it to turn on.   Wanting to save the pics that are on it...  is anyone aware of an app for the computer that when connected to the phone can force turn it on?

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    nevermind...   after squeezing for some time it came on!