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    Can you help me email to text message to my cell phone?


      I've been trying to send a text message via email from my Outlook 2003 to my T-Mobile cell phone using xxxxxxxxxx@tmomail.net (actual cell # used, not xs!). On my cell phone, which is with me here in our home up on a hill, it says Downloading forever and I can see part of the Subject line. I tried this yesterday and I had this same problem.

      By the way, right now I'm at home and I have my cell phone connected to our wireless network which always works fine to access websites on this phone and so I don't have it connected to T-Mobile's 4G network. In fact, I turn off the 4G network on the cell phone while at home to save battery.

      But yesterday I went thru this same Downloading mess that never completed and I had sent the texting email before we drove down the hill and then I turned on the phone after we were down the hill where we live.

      The cell signal is a little "iffy" at our house which is in a normal suburban neighborhood on a hill in Orange, California, but it does work fine for calls.

      What is going on?

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          I'm not sure what you are trying to do, but if you have the message in email, just configure the email on the phone and you can view it there.
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            I'm sorry that I wasn't more clear about this problem. I tried to give you lots of info so you could respond properly with a solution, but I forgot to tell you that I am trying to send a text message from my PC to this cell phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S 4G that we just got a few weeks ago.


            I had learned that I could do this by sending an email to xxxxx@tmomail.net with the xxxxx being my T-Mobile cell phone #.


            I have successfully done this to both of my kids on their T-Mobile cell phones and they get the message that I emailed as a text message on their cell phone. The 2 T-Mobile phones that work OK on this are a Nokia X2 and a Tap.


            But for some reason, this method doesn't work for me on my own Galaxy S 4G phone. It just says Downloading forever and I can see only part of the Subject line. It never completes this Downloading, so I can never see the entire Subject line or any of the body text in the message.


            I just finally need to give up and get out of the Messages app.


            I just looked in the Messages app on the cell phone and it still is saying Downloading and it has now been saying that for more than a day. So, obviously, some setting is set wrong somewhere. That is why I am asking you for help on this.

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              ok, yes that should work.  I just sent one to myself on my number.  you may want to check your tmo account (online or call) and see if you have this feature (tmomail.net) blocked or turned off.


              can you send any other regular texts to the phone? 

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                Cool ... thanks!

                Can you please tell me how to check your TMO account online and see if I have this feature (tmomail.net) blocked or turned off?

                I logged in to my account online and under Manage > Phones & Devices > Phone Controls, it says Web Guard Status: OFF and their is a TURN ON link.

                Should I click TURN ON?

                And yes, we can send regular texts to the phone. We love this new phone. Especially now that we figured out how to turn on the 3G signal and access the internet since we had apparently turned it off at some point! That had been driving us crazy.

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                  I noticed in the email I sent to myself, that it came over as an MMS.  do you have a data plan on the phone - that's needed for mms. or maybe mms is blocked?

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                    Yes, we have a full data plan with data, texting and calling. Please feel free to look up our account. It might be in my wife's name which is Alexa.

                    So, is there some way to unblock or turn on MMS? Maybe it is turned off or blocked and that is what is causing this problem.


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                      this is a user fourm, not Customer Service.  I'm not a TMO employee and can't see any of your info.  I would edit your post to remove your personal info from a public site (or notify a moderator to do it). 


                      you may want to call CS to see if they can see what wrong with your account.

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                        I did a Report Abuse - General and I asked them: "Could you please remove my cell phone # that I posted in a Reply earlier on this message? I would appreciate it".


                        Sorry, but I get a little confused sometimes about who is seeing what!


                        Do you think that I really need to call Customer Service or is there some way for me to unblock or turn on MMS without their help? I've never called CS and wouldn't really know how to call them.....

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                          try sending yourself a mms (via the phone's number and not the tmo address).  if that works, then it's not an issue with mms/account/phone and more an issue with the tmomail.net address (maybe some blocking).  if that fails as well, it's probably something with your account or phone which is not letting mms through.

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                            I'm sorry, but I really don't understand everything that you've said.


                            Is an MMS just a normal text from one cell phone to another and probably also the ones that I can do at https://my.t-mobile.com/connectshare/connectandshare.aspx?sendsms=true&unavid=cscontactmessage? Those Text messages sent on that site are what I am really trying to avoid using since with that site I need to memorize and type in each of those 3 cell phone #s for my wife and 2 kids. That is why using this TMO address thing is so appealing!


                            Normal Texting has always been working perfectly on this phone to Send and Receive Text messages. I am just trying to get TMOMAIL to work for the reason I have stated.


                            So could we just work on making sure that TMOMAIL is not blocked and then if that doesn't resolve this issue, I could have T-Mobile Support look for something in my account or phone which is not letting "MMS" through, if that is really the that the type that TMOMAIL sends that isn't getting through?

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                              I'm trying to narrow down the issue.  is the problem with the mms on the phone or with the @tmomail service. 


                              for tmomail, try the steps listed here for message blocking:  https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-1712

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                                Thanks for hanging in here with me! I'm sure not trying to steer the ship and I just want to give you info to help move us along.

                                I went to that link and scrolled down to a section titled Adding Message Blocking. That title looks like it is linked for some reason, but it does nothing when you click it (?).

                                I scrolled down and I see 4 options for blocking messages listed. Then, below #4 and a few paragraphs, I see the title Adding Message Blocking. In that section it says:

                                • Go to My T-Mobile and log in. 
                                • Select Manage and then select Plans & Services.

                                My problem starts here. Where is Manage? I'm looking at the screen in some T-Mobile site after I log in and I see across the top Shop   Explore   Coverage    Support   Business. I've hovered on each of those and I don't see it saying Manage or Plans & Services anywhere!  Right below that line, I see

                                Welcome to T-Mobile Support:  jadavis jadavis    I    Your Stuff   v    I     Log out



                                If I hover Support and click on Plans & Services, I see Quick Links and below that I see Text and Picture Messaging, but it only seems to list a bunch of Frequently Used Docs.


                                So, where can I find that Manage thing that it said to Select? Am I logged in to the wrong site or something?

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                                  Silly me! I was accidentally going to the Support link on My T-Mobile. So I logged into My T-Mobile and now I see Manage    Shop   MobileLife    Learn   Support. So I went to Manage > Plans & Services. On the Alexa's Service tab there is a line of blue links and one of them is Messaging. So I clicked it and then clicked below Messaging in the list to Show 5 items. All 5 of them are now displayed and they all say FREE and Add. At the bottom of the page, I see a greyed out button that says Done Adding Services. I don't see anywhere saying Edit Services or anything like that.


                                  So, I guess that means that I don't have any blocking? Please let me know the next step that I should try or tell me if I missed anything!


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                                    make sure there are not any email filters and the 2 radio buttons at the bottem are set to 'no'.


                                    try these steps in the doc:


                                    Filtering e-mails sent to my phone

                                    To filter e-mails sent to your phone, perform the following steps:

                                    1. Go to My T-Mobile and log in.
                                    2. Select Connect and Share, and then select Configure your e-mail.
                                    3. From the pop-up box, select Create e-mail filters.
                                    4. Select CREATE FILTER or turn on one of the preset filters.
                                    5. NOTE: A Create/Edit a new filter form will become available here.
                                    6. Depending on what needs to be filtered, select the appropriate items from the drop-down menus and enter the information.
                                      • To block a specific address use the From field.
                                      • To block a specific topic use Subject.
                                    7. Click Save.
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