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    All contacts lost, can I get them back from Mytmobile?



      I am having a problem where all of my contacts seem to have disappeared. I have no idea how this happened as my phone was idle on the counter when this occurred. Regardless of how it happened, I am more interested in how to fix this. Overnight, my Facebook contacts somehow restored, but none of my telephone numbers. I found that all of my numbers are showing when I log into mytmobile and choose MobileLife > Contacts. It says here that synchronization was a success, yet none of my contacts are showing in my contact list on my phone. Also, on this same screen it lists all of my contacts as "not on phone." So, the million dollar question is whether or not there is a way to force these back to my phone or not? I have printed them already, just so I have them somewhere, but is there a way other than manually entering all of these to get them back on my actual phone?


      In case it matters, I am running a Motorolla Cliq XT with Android firmware version 2.1 update 1.