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    What is the purpose of syncing?


      I've read that in order to preserve battery life, it is best to turn off auto-sync (in settings) which applies to your social networking and emails.  My question is...what is the purpose of auto sync and, if you turn it off, how do you do a manual sync?  You go to settings, account & sync, open the one you want to sync and have it do a sync at that time?  How often should this be done...?  Sounds like a stupid question (to me) but have to ask because I don't know...!  Thanks!

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          AutoSyncing allows apps free reign to fetch data for things like status updates or emails. You have two options with this that still allows you to save battery. One is to turn it off, then you would just sync when you opened each individual app. The second is to leave it on and adjust syncing settings for each app individually (this is the one I'd recommend). Most social network apps have settings to tell it how often to fetch status updates/new tweets/whatever and most email apps have settings for how often to look for new emails. The more frequent these apps search for that data, the more battery they use, so set it for as little as you handle. I have apps like Facebook and Twitter set with notifications/syncing off and just tap the sync icon in that app when I open it, since I don't need that stuff until I'm actually looking at the phone. I know I'm kinda rambling, so I hope this was helpful.

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            Yes, I understand what you are saying and I do (believe it or not, LOL) know how to "refresh" in FB.  So, with for example, my gmail accounts, would I go to the setting where it states "days of mail to sync" and choose like one day, or is there another setting?  Yes, your answer was helpful but just wanted to make sure on auto syncing each email site independently...!   Thank you!

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              Duh hello - I do the same thing at work speak then look - I found the sync/refresh for yahoo & gmail both so wow...I am good to go...woo hoo - thanks for your help...til next time!