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    Importing contacts to SIM card

      I was issued a new HTC Radar since my old one wasn't functioning and now I can not get my contacts to import. I was told to take the sim card out from the old phone, put it in the new one, go to settings, applications, people, and then import sim contacts. That did not work. Are the contacts on the Windows phones not stored on the sim card? How can I retrieve my contacts so I can use my new phone?


      Thank you.

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          Hey Mikaela,


          Adding, creating, or saving a contact entry to the SIM card phone book is not supported


          We’re sorry, but this is not an available feature for your phone model.


          Import contacts from online accounts (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn)

          To import contacts from other online accounts, such as Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, follow these steps:


          1. From the Start screen, tap the People tile. 
          2. From the All screen, tap the ellipsis (...) on the bottom right side of the screen. 
          3. Tap settings
          4. Scroll down and tap add an account
          5. Follow the instructions to add the account. All contacts associated with the account will be integrated into the People application



          Although T-Mobile’s Mobile Backup is not an available feature for your phone model, contacts on your Windows Phone 7 are backed up to your Windows Live account.


          To sync your existing T-Mobile contacts to your new Windows Live account, follow these steps:


          1. If necessary, use your SIM card in another phone to copy your Mobile Backup contacts to the SIM card memory. 
          2. Place the SIM card into your Windows Phone 7. 
          3. Copy contacts from the SIM card memory to the phone memory. 
          4. The contacts will automatically sync to your Windows Live account.


          Windows Live backup

          To see or manage your contacts via the Windows Live Web site, follow these steps:


          Note: Windows Live backup automatically backs up your contacts.


          1. On your computer, go to http://login.live.com
          2. Sign in to your Windows Live account. 
          3. Hover your mouse cursor over Hotmail or Messenger at the top of the screen. 
          4. Click Contacts.


          Thanks so much for posting