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Memory Management

The Concord has only 512mb ROM. The OS and installed apps take up this space and cannot be moved to the SD card. Updating the apps has resulted in only 14mb of available space. I had cleared caches and such because of error messages to inadequate memory.


Further updates are likely to crash the phone. Reading and consulting with experienced Android users has led me to believe the phone will need to be rooted so that the preinstalled apps can be deleted from the internal ROM and later downloaded, and installed to the SD card.


Alternative solutions are welcome. In the absence of an alternative, does anyone have instructions how to root the Concord?


T-Mobile Alert! As soon as users of this new phone start updating their apps there will be a large number of consumers facing this very same issue.

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    I heard a solution today. Those of us facing this problem need a custom ROM that reassigns particians. Anyone know how to do this?

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    I have the exact same problem. It is a brand new phone and there is not enough internal memory to update the pre-loaded apps. I haven't even installed any of my own. Shocking oversight on this phone.


    I'd love to hear how to fix this as it is really annoying to get regular messages that there is insufficient memory on the device.

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    Hi johnson97008,



    It sounds like you have been juggling memory since the apps updated.   Unfortunately, rooting will void the device warranty, but there are a few tips to help manage the internal memory:


    1. Uninstall the out of the box pre-installed application updates or choose not to install them if application updates have not yet installed. 

    Note: The pre-installed applications will work as designed for the phone without the updates and this will allow for the installation of other applications from the Play Store.

    From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.

    Tap Settings.

    Tap Applications.

    Tap Manage applications.

    If necessary, tap  the Downloaded tab.

    Tap the application  you want to uninstall updates.

    Tap Uninstall Updates.

    Tap OK.

    Tap OK, again.

    Disable automatic Google Play Store updates

    Move downloaded applications to the SD card.


    2. Install or move apps to the SD card: Android 2.2 and newer.

    3. Install or move apps to the SD card: Android 2.2 and newer


    Hope this helps!


    Community Mod

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    This doesn't sound like a very good solution to me. If we leave the apps without updating them are we not then vulnerable to issues like viruses and the like. You should always keep you applications ether on a computer or a phone on the latest versions to keep you system secure. I would like to re-move some of the stock apps or at the least move them to the SD card were I have more space. How do we stay secure without running out of space?

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    You are correct Jason, the solution offered is incorrect for the very reasons you've stated. Tmo_candace needs to reaccess the answer in light of your comments.

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    The concord is one of the worst developed phones memory wise.  It has a good amount of RAM but nothing barely any memory to install apps on.  You would have to uninstall all updates you could delete cache by rebooting to samsung recovery e3.  That's one way, but it doesn't really let you do  much.  You basically need this phone rooted and install a custom.  Yeah, that will void warranty, and i'm not sure with this device, but I know my phone (t959v) you can flash back to factory settings at any time and return it under the right plan//conditions.  So, to root your phone, go to www.xd-developers.com and search for your phone, if you cant find answers just google it.  If you have no idea what you are doing or aren't familiar with linux and file systems, then just buy a new phone.  If you root the phone, you don't need to install a custom rom, but it will let you erase preinstalled roms on the phone and make the ability to move apps to your sdcard.  Custom roms in almost every circumstance make the phone faster neater better. CyanongenMod is great

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    My kids are 2 more who are having the same problems regarding room for any apps. They have complained that they can only install about 2 apps of their choice and that's it.

    I agree with you about the Concord's not being very well thought out as to room for apps of the customer's choosing. I would definitely NOT recommend this phone for anyone except for those who only want it to make regular phone calls and that's it.


    Now I have a question: both the kids' phones have my account on them (which the phones have set as default) as well as their gmail accounts. If they were to remove my account from their phones, it would set the phones back to factory default, right? Would the phones then pick their accounts up as the new default?

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    You factory reset through settinga. Numbers will be same they are on the sim