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Wi-Fi Calling gives W006.25 ISP error, Crashes

I've been using Wi-Fi calling at my home (where I get very poor reception) for over a year now, on my HTC myTouch 4G, and it's worked flawlessly.


Until two days ago.  I no longer noticed the blue wi-fi calling icon on the top taskbar, so I manually launched the app.  I get an error message saying I'm not registered with T-Mobile network.  So I click the "Register" button, but then the app just quits.  If I restart it, and turn-on Wi-Fi Calling, it says Connection Error: W006.25 ISP or T-Mobile Network Error.


I've spoken to two Tech Support people at T-Mobile. We've done everything from resetting my Wi-Fi Router, to resetting my phone, removing the battery, clearing cache, and about a dozen other things.  They blame my ISP for having "web redirection", but a call to Verizon Fios (my ISP) yields negative answers (no web redirection).


I haven't changed anything on my phone, my ISP, nor my router.  I think this is T-Mobile's network issue, but it's been going on for two days. 


Is anyone else having these issues?  If not, can someone recommend a solution please?

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    I am having the same issue, more and more lately, even as I write this. It seems to switch between "Failed location update" and "T-Mobile connection error".


    I am very frustrated! There is no tower close by so I rely on my WiFi connection. I have also tried all you have tried. The only thing that seems to work is if I go into town and connect with a tower then go back home. It seems to start working again.