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    Message notifications won't vibrate

      After the recent Kies update, my phone started not vibrating when it gets a message when it's on vibrate mode. How it's been is that the phone would usually be silent BUT vibrate when on vibrate mode, complete silence during "sound off" mode, and the vibrate would be off and the sound would work during "sound on" mode. That changed after the update. When I found out that this was happening, I tinkered with the Message options and found out that there is a "Also vibrate when notified." This works, however, it has become annoying because 1) it vibrates with the default vibration setting instead of the custom one I made and 2) it now also vibrates during the "sound on" mode. Anybody have thoughts on this? I have tried hard-resetting and restoring my phone and nothing has happened. I'd appreciate some feedback. Thank you all.