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    galaxy s3 stopped working after night of charging

      woke up this morning to a galaxy s3 that wouldnt even turn on at  all i had plugged it in last night and it was charging just fine woke up this morning and it wasnt  on went to turn it on it wouldnt even light up with the galaxy s3 logo i tried all the steps the rep told me to do on the phone and still it wouldnt turn on


      took it to the nearest location that sells tmobile and got told it was defective but they couldnt replace it because they were only a third party seller and that i would have to go to actual tmobile store problem with that is the nearest store is 50 miles away and i dont have a car



      so my question is has anybody else had the same problem????

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          It sounds like its defected. Try removing battery and holding down the power button for 30 sec then replacing battery and try powering on.


          Ive never heard of this being an issue.


          They can do a exchange over the phone!

          they will send you a new s3 in the mail and you send that one back within a week.

          if you dont you will be charged like 300$ or something. Call tmobile again tell them your issue and you cant travel 50 miles.