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    Pls help: my Galaxy S is not reading SIM card, but it's there in the slot

      I have Galaxy S and I was using old 2G card for a year. Updated card to 4G in July, and worked well. Then I went to vacaton to Europe and used there some other SIM card in my phone without any issues.

      On the way back, in the plane, I first turned on flight mode (it was still EU SIM card there), but soon gave up of using the phone in the plain.

      The next time I turned the phone on in USA I put our T-mobile SIM card and my phone did no recoginzed it. It was replying with a message that SIM card is not installed, even it was there in SIM card slot, properly settled.

      Then, I took out my card and put in my husbands T-mobile card, and the phone behaved exactly the same: SIM card was not recognized by it.

      My husbands SIM card works on his phone (Samsung Sidekick) and I tried my card on my old blackberry and it works.

      I tried again to install my SIM card on Galaxy, but no success. I also return all settings to a factory settings and also formatted Galaxy phoen again, but in vain. In spite everything else is working normaly on the phone, there is no bars - SIM card is not red by phone.


      Please help!

      Thanks in advance!