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    Nokia x2-Cannot receive text messages...HELP!!!

      I seem to be able to receive text messages, phone calls, etc...just fine. However, when I want to send a text the text does not go through. The sending messages arrow stays on FOREVER!!! I called tech support for assistance. Unfortunately, this did not help! I was told it may either be my SIM card or the actual phone. I have only had the phone for about a month. I do not have alot of saved text messages. I have deleted them. I am looking for some additional help as to what to do about this. I see several others have had this problem. Has it been fixed? Or, did you just give up? Please help!!!

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          Hey lenahcks2,


          If the message does not go through or continues to try to send I would assume it may be a Service Center Number.


          SMS (text messaging)

          Add service center number

          To add or change the text messaging (SMS) service center number, follow these steps:


          From the Home screen, select Menu.

          Scroll to and select Messaging.

          Scroll to and select More.

          Scroll to and select Message settings.

          Scroll to and select Text messages.

          Select Message center.

          Message center number: +12063130004

          When done changing the provider, select Save.


          It would'nt hurt to try sim in another tmobile device to see if you can send or not.  Try these steps and let us know