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        First of all, thanks for the  "Stay on Topic" message.  For a second I thought we are all nine year olds and didn't know what a message board was or was for.  It's for customers to message each other about an issue right? OK then, the issue I have is my G2X likes to freeze and reboot, espeically after the gingerbread update.




        I waited and called 48 hours later after the factory master reset and the conversation with the lady i talked to went something like:


        LADY - OK, you can send it in but if we find any damage you'll get charged $400.

        ME - But John Doe of Tech support spend 3 hours with me on this.  The phone is fine.

        LADY - OK, I'm just warning you.

        ME - OK. Send me the new phone please.

        LADY - OK? Just warning you.

        ME - OK

        LADY - OK?

        ME - OK

        LADY - OK?

        ME - I can hear you eating chips...


        Long story short, I had to call back and start over with someone else who was easy as pie and assured me I did everything by the book.  They sent me the new device on Friday.  I took it to a local TMobile dealer and they checked the old device.  No damage. She set up the new device.  We packed it up and Shipped it at the UPS store Sunday morning.  (I'm still upset by the threatening chip eating lady)


        End of the story:  this thing still freezes and does not get consistent internet access.  I pay extra for the 5gb a month.  I checked and I'm way below my throttle mark.  It will just stop playing a youtube and blip out to the home screen.  Either that or it will just freeze and I can't do anything with it. 


        I'm opting out of the 7 dollar a month insurance thing.  It didn't help me and I was told it wouldn't help me anyway with the constant crummyness of this phone. 


        Ugh.  Bottom line, and this is not directed at any individual because there are no individuals with TMobile especially not in the forums, but do not buy this faulty phone.  And if you do, TMobile isn't gonna help you.  Just threats and bully tactics to keep us quiet and  paid up.

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          Customer service will ship me a new G2x now. Should come in a week. This will be my Third G2x :-\

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            phone has been freezing a whole lot more since the OTA update...its only acceptable cause it reboots super fast but its yet to happen to me when i need to use the phones features, im sure when that happens ima freak...has anything been said about an update to 2.3.4 anytime soon?

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              I'm having the same issues, even after the upgrade to 2.3.3. And it seems to be getting worse.  I have to pull the battery each time to re-start, but it doesn't seem to be overheating.


              Really wish this would be fixed soon. 

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                Had the same issue and the update also caused Wifi Calling to conflict with my wifi.  Plus the phone has been rebooting several times a day.


                The first three people told me that Tmobile wouldn't exchange it under warranty as all of the phones do this and I would still have the same problems, which is unbelievable as they had no problem taking my money, but won't stand behing what is sold.  The real kicker is that I asked why it was still being sold if they were all known to have problems.  I was then told that they don't all have this issue, just a higher amount than normal.  So I asked why I couldn't exchange it for another one and was told that it was because they all had the issues.  Not couldnot keep the same story, it seems highly unethical to sell a product that you clain is defective.


                Sad thing is, I have been with T-mobile for 6 years and always had upstanding customer service, but as soon as a phone has an issue, it is worse than when I was with Verizon.  Finally a tech agreed to do an exchange because of the wifi disconnection issue when using wifi calling, but if I have the same rebooting issues, I will probably be selling the phone along with my wifes and using the money to pay the early termination fee and go else where.  I am sure another company would like my money.....and not sell me a product they admit is defective.  It really saddens me, as I always bragged about the great customer service from T-mobile. But soon my story will change if they can't take care of me.

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                  Just got another random reboot! I wasn't even using the phone.

                  I LOVE this new auto-reboot feature!

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                    I want to give an update on my G2X. I've had the Gingerbread update since it came out OTA to my phone so about 3-4 weeks now. I hadn't had any rebooting issues but did have some freezing where I had to do battery pulls. I would say it was happening once or twice a week the first several weeks. It's been about a week and a half now and I haven't had any freezing issues since I uninstalled the TF Weather Widget which I've been using since my days with the G1. Since I've stopped using that app, my phone seems to be working better. No freezing and no rebooting. It gets a little laggy every once in awhile, but nothing to where I have to pull the battery. So the Gingerbread update seems to have remedied the rebooting issues and installing a specific app semed to have solved my freezing issue. Not everyone will be using the same app as me, but if you are experiencing freezing issues then maybe you can try and figure out if it's an app that could be causing it. This is just my experience and it could work for you. I'm not pretty happy with the phone besides the occasional sluggishness which isn't too bad.

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                      I do want to say that I am still having issues with the wifi. I still have to turn it off and on sometimes to get it to work. That's the biggest pain I'm experiencing still.

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                        I did have this problem too. Its the stock launcher. The built in android launcher is clunky even after the OTA. I switched to Go launcher and my phone stopped freezing. If you want a extensive featured launcher use Go launcher. If you want a simple lightweight and very stable launcher use Zeam launcher. Zeam worked great on my G1 before I upgraded. If you use Go launcher, use its built in.task killer widget. My G2x is a memory hog. That'll help. If you use Zeam launcher, download your own widget for task killing.  The built in task killer in android does work when you run multiple apparently, shutting down things you aren't using but a lot of Apps open themselves in the background and drain batteries and can cause crashes, though in my experience too many apparently running does not slow the phone.   I recommend the Go launcher and its widget so you can watch memory usage and it shows apps currently working right on the homescreen. One touch on an app icon closes it and there's a kill all button. You'll notice the G2x will not gain back as much memory when you kill all apps after its been on for a while. T-mobile recommends you restart your phone once a week. I recommend doing it everytime you start losing memory you can't get back. Which is usually once a day, maybe twice. Also the built in task manager works best when you multitasking and use your phone a lot. So change your launcher and go nuts with your G2x and restart once a day and download some of the killer made for nvidia tegra games and you will love your phone and feel happy with your investment.

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                          are you saying that Go launcher fixes freezing only when related to WiFi, or it fixes all instances of freezing and/or rebooting?  mine still freezes but I can't tell if it's always related to wifi.


                          I use launcher pro, by the way.  not sure if this is a good or bad launcher.

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                            The only time I seem to have a problem is when I am doing something with WiFi. I hate the fact that my phone isn't smart enough to handle Wifi. I would like it to automatically switch back and forth but it won't.

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                              I thought my son and I were one of the "lucky ones" with a good pair of G2x phones.  We had very few of the problems listed in this forum.  Then came the ROM update....random reboots, freezes, overheating, etc..  Master reset didn't improve things at all.  Not many programs loaded from the marketplace, either.  Less problems when GPS is turned off, but that was a feature of this phone I really need. 

                              My question is:  How many times to you have T-mobile replace this phone before they actually exchange it for something else?

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                                This is my third g2x and after questioning and digging around with customer service on the phone when they wanted to replace my phone again I asked "what if this new phone didn't work?" They said they would "consider" exchanging for a different model. If the third phone didn't work as it should :-\
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                                  My second refurbished G2X that was sent to me with Gingerbread is freezing up on me.  I'm going to have it replaced.  I hope my 3rd G2X works 

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                                    Well, so far, my replacement G2x is working flawlessly.  I have reloaded all of my apps and not a single reboot! The phone seems a little cooler while running;  even with the GPS on.  I still think this is, at least partially, a hardware issue that LG should address.

                                    I'm hopeful this will continue, but my first G2x was fine for the first 2 months?  We'll see.......?