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    Super slow 4g on galaxy note

      I just got the galaxy note a few days ago and noticed my 4G is really slow. When I try to load a youtube video, it takes minutes to load and it's not even in HQ. When I press the HQ button to load it in HQ, it takes even longer and buffers A LOT. I did the speedtest on several locations and they all came out to be averaging around 0.17mbps. IS THIS THE NORMAL SPEED FOR TMOBILE's 4G??? I DON'T THINK SO.  I went into a t-mobile store to ask them and they told me my 4G seems to be working fine....I feel so ripped off. I am not getting what I paid for!


      Anyone else experiencing the same problem on their tmobile G Note??


      What is the normal speed for t-mobile 4G anyways?