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    Gmail app Crash - Unfortunately Gmail has stopped

      We now have 23 users using the Galaxy S III. Two of them have experienced email issues, one with the standard email app while using an Exchange account, and now today a user came to me with the same problem using the standard Gmail app. When the application is opened, you can see the Gmail address at the top of the screen and it looks like it's trying to sync mail, then the screen goes black, the phone drops back to the home screen and the message appears, "Unfortunately Gmail has stopped" and you can tap Report or Close. We've done both. Gmail was working perfectly earlier in the day today. This just started.


      I went to Settings, Applications, All, Gmail and cleared the cache, cleared all data, uninstalled/reinstalled updates. We even removed the Gmail account, re-added it and the result is the same. The user can open Gmail in a web browser for now, but I'm concerned this problem will continue. I'm waiting for a confirmation that the phone is on the August 16th OTA update, but I believe it is.


      Any suggestions? I will likely have him do a factory reset tomorrow, but from what I've read in other support areas, once you start having this problem, a factory reset only fixes it temporarily. Eventually it returns.