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    Unlocked AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 on TMobile.



      I am trying to find out if anyone knows the status of Tmobiles 'refarming' of the 1900mhz network and what markets its currently active in?


      I want to buy an unlocked AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 but I know that they operate on the 1900mhz 3g/4g band... tmobile is the 1700 but is supposed to be opening hspa on the 1900 -- anyone help? or used one successfully?

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          Hey Tommy,


          while there is no roadmap for when and where 1900 MHz will be available, T-Mobile expects most markets to be up by the end of the year.It should help any device that works on the 1900 MHz band and that is GSM/HSPA+ enabled





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            Hey Drew,


            I was wondering if you knew anyhting about unlocked phones like these: http://www.koobay.com/ms?rt=detail&pid=25374


            I'm really hesitant to buy a knock off, but I was mostly wondering about the bands:


            GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz for worldwide use

            3G WCDMA 850/2100MHz


            Would that only run the EDGE? And have the 3g, 1900MHz upgrades come to Los Angeles yet?



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              It seems nothing to do with bands but your phone setting, follow the following steps:


              1. Go to 'settings'

              2. 'More settings'

              3. 'Mobile networks'

              4. 'Network operators'

              5. 'Default setup'

              6. Select 'manual'

              7. Finally select 'T-mobile'.


              You are done and ready to use 4G data on SS S3.


              The issue persisted because the default settings for network selection is 'auto' and at&t operator is initially set therefore your phone always select at&t as first choice that's why you can not get 4g signal.

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                This is only true if you are in one of the areas where T-Mobile has already refarmed to the 1900MHz frequency.  Elsewhere, the phone will be limited to painfully slow EDGE data as the band utilized by T-Mobile for 3G/4G data is not supported on the AT&T Galaxy SIII - regardless of whether it has been unlocked or not.  Finding all this out the hard way as I made the switch and have only EDGE at home and around my local area.  Drive to the 'city' (which has been refarmed) and get full LTE.  If you're curious, you can learn more about this and read about my fiasco at www.tmobile-lies.com.