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    T-Mo Galaxy S3 battery drain problem

      I am having the dreaded battery drain problem on my new Galaxy S3.


      This is a huge disappointment, and the phone is NOT performing as advertised. The battery life is terrible. I can watch the battery percentage drop as soon as I unplug the phone.


      Something is badly wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S3.


      Evidently this is a known issue and the solution is also known.


      Has anyone had any lluck resolving this without having to hack a brand new phone?



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          "...deaded battery drain problem..."? "...something badly wrong with the S3..."? "...Evidently, this is a know issue..."?


          Have you considered that some apps as the cause? My SGS-III gives me more than adequate performance.


          For example, yesterday we spent 12 nours (+2 hours travel time) @ Disney World with Bluetooth, web searches, calls, text messages, pictures (lots of them) and when I got home past midnight on Sunday, I still had ~20% left.


          As for seeing the % drop... it does once you unplug it. However, the real test is how long the battery lasts.


          Granted, I did not watch movies, use Wi-Fi simultaneously or listen to music.

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            I had same issue and saw that Tmobile TV was constantly running,  disable it now get great battery, I am willing to bet it is an app

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              I have never used To TV.


              I already ruled out the apps by disabling and then removing them.


              Battery drain on this phone has become a known defect.


              TMO and Samsung do not seen to care. But I do.


              With minimal use the battery will not last hf the day.


              Twice daily charging for this phone and it has a severe problem and does not work as advertised.


              Google Galaxy S3 battery drain. It is a known defect.


              Recommend against this phone until they announce a solution that does not require hacking a new phone.









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                "rnelson303"--> You say "With minimal use the battery will not last hf the day."


                Define "minimal use"?


                As I stated in my E-mail, I don't consider myself a heavy user but a bit above average (when you look at a Bell curve) and I get much more than "half a day" of use. My example of our visit to Disney World showed you my typical usage on that day. Could you have a bad battery?

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                  I unplug it. 100percent. I Set airplane mode. Wireless data wifi and gps are off. I No apps. Get on a three hour plane with the screen black the entire time. I am 57 percent.


                  The phone will not last the night unplugged in airplane mode.


                  System standby requires enormous power.


                  The S3 is defective.


                  The Galaxy S3 seems like a great phone. It has great features and advertises a great battery.


                  Some have a known battery drain.


                  Mine does. I bought it from TMobile.


                  I wish I had not.



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                    OK, I never used Tmobile TV either, that was my point it was running anyway, there might be a "known" battery issue, I do not know which version of phone you are using but on my 32G when I disabled everything I was allowed to disable I get at least 24 hours from a full charge

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                      Did you turn off the phone or placed it in standby mode?


                      1. If you turned it off, then it's NOT normal... you have a bad phone or battery as it should not drain like that while off.


                      2. If you placed it in stand by mode (hmm, rules say you should be turning it off), it's pretty normal.


                      Why? Because during the flight, your phone can't find a cell site so it will tend to broadcast and seek using high power. The longer you are without cell service the more power will be drained. This is because when you are linked to a cell site, the site throttles the phone to only use enough power to maintain the link.


                      By the way, you will see similar results if you leave the cell modem "on" while in an area with no cell coverage. Your battery will drain much faster.

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                        FAA rules are fairly clear about this. The captain even makes an announcement every flight. I hear it several times per week. At a certain altitude I am permitted to have my phone ON only IF it is in AIRPLANE mode. This is not STANDBY mode. AIRPLANE mode is like ON but the radio is supposed to be OFF. Therefore no attempt should be made to locate or connect to a tower from 30,000 feet.


                        Are we done debating the existence of this problem yet?


                        I am sure there is a problem. People here seem unconvinced. My previous phone (MyTouch 4G) had better battery performance.


                        What will it take to get beyond the stage of doubting whether there is actually a problem?








                        What I really need is to know if anyone has found a solution or knows of a soluation to the very real battery drain problem with the new Samsung Galaxy S3.



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                          No one is questioning that YOUR phone and some others have an issue.  There were what millions of these phones sold, YOU have a bad one it happens but a ton of other people have no issue.  I think what the tone is that people are just stating it is not a blanket issue with S3s it is an issue with some S3s Plus your first link states the issue is on the international version which is not the one I am using, your second link states it is a miscalculating number and not  an actual drain so if you feel you have one of the few phones with an issue, return it that is all

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                            I am not using the international Galaxy S3 either.


                            I purchased this at a T-Mobile store in the US.


                            The battery is just miserable.


                            Does anyone know of a solution?



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                              Maybe it's just a bad battery.  Have you had it replaced?

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                                umm the links you posted are referring to a problem where the battery usage display percentage is incorrect, where the cell standby posts a 10x greater usage percentage in the battery monitor app, it has nothing to do with the actual usage of the battery (two separate issues)


                                So which is it? the cell standby display being incorrect? or ur phones battery draining faster than usual?

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                                  More likely it is the known battery drain problem.


                                  However, a short test shows that the battery does not drain when I turn the phone off (not standby, not airplane mode).


                                  I am beginning to fear that T-Mobile has no plan to fix this defect in the Galaxy S3, as there seems to be an impulse to deny or avoid acknowledging the existence of this problem.


                                  The problem is real. The battery drains without reason.


                                  Anyone know of a solution?



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                                    As to whether the display percentage is incorrect or the battery level is dead... It makes no difference to me when the phone turns off and I can no longer use it.


                                    Traveling with this phone - away from convenient outlets - is miserable.


                                    What I need is a solution if anyone knows of one.



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