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    Samsung Galaxy S Blaze doesn't ring, notify, or log for incoming calls on wifi

      I've had this phone for 3 days and I love it but it's not working properly.  I need wifi calling as I have no cell coverage in my home, and I have successfully used wifi with other phones in the past.  I can make outgoing calls on wifi fine, and I can use wifi to browse and surf the internet.  However, if someone calls me when when I am on wifi the phone doesn't ring, I don't get a "missed call" notification, and the call doesn't show up in my call log.  I have tried calling the phone myself, and most of the time my call just goes straight to voice mail, although sometimes it rings 4 times before voice mail picks up.  Regardless the phone itself shows no sign of any incoming call until a voice mail message is left.


      I took the phone to the T-mobile store the day after I got it and they tested it on their wifi network and told me, yes, I am right, the phone doesn't ring for an incoming wifi call.  They tried my sim in other phones in the store, and it worked fine with wifi. However, I don't think they tried my sim with another Blaze.  Regardless, the rep at the T-mobile store told me he thought my phone was defective and I should return it.  I packed the phone up to return it, but decided to call tech support first.


      After multiple troubleshooting steps with a first level tech, I was put through to a second level tech who told me that he doesn't think it's a defective phone, but a network problem.  Hmm, everybody else in my home can use wifi and I can use wifi on my old phone if I take the sim out of the Blaze and replace it in the old phone.  The second tier tech tried everything he could think of including not one but two factory restores.  The phone positively will not ring if it is on wifi calling.


      Ultimately  the tech put though a ticket, whatever that means, and told me he would follow up with me within 3 days with a resolution.  In the meantime, I have another week or so to return the phone and buy another, or I can wait and try to get it replaced under warranty if  it turns out to be a phone problem.


      I see people with the HTC 1 having a similar problem.  Does anybody with the Blaze have this problem as well? And if so, does anybody have a solution?  I really like this phone, but I really need wifi calling to work, it's why I stick with T-mobile.

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          Just wanted to update my own post.  Since I really didn't want to go through the hassle of exchanging my phone, yesterday I went back to the T-Mobile store and requested they replace my sim, even though it was the latest type and tested fine in other phones.  After replacing the sim the phone rang once in the store and then didn't ring again.  The store rep suggested the phone was defective and I should just replace it, however he told me sometimes it takes up to 2 hours for a new sim to register completely on the network.


          Long story short, when I got home I decided to try the phone one last time before packing it up to return - and it worked perfectly and has ever since!


          So - I'm keeping the phone, and the moral of the story is, even if they tell you it's not your sim, sim replacement is free and easy so it's worthwhile to force the issue and at least give it a try.

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            Glad that worked for you.  I've posted a few other issues I've had with my Blaze, but I will take your "fix" and talk to the guys at my TM Store and see what they can do.


            Thanks for posting a solution!

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              I have the same exact problem.  I am taking my phone into the store tomorrow with a copy of this post and asking for a new sim card. 


              This is my first smart phone and I am not impressed at all.  It seems needlessly complicated, and full of problems (uh, like for starters my phone doesn't ring or log in calls but I get voice mail message showing that I missed a call). And it's not that great for the internet either because its kinda slow and a little hard to read and to navigagte.  The only thing good is the camera.  


              So why is everybody so freekin in love with Androids and I-phones? Is it because they are all sheep that have been sold a bunch of BS by the companies that manufacture this overpriced and over-hyped junk?  Because this thing hasn't changed my life - if anything, it has made my life worse by wasting a lot of my time trying to figure out why it doesn't work.  I had better phones 20 years ago- just regular old landlines - that actually rang when someone called so I could  answer it and talk to them. This is stupid.

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                Well, when it works it's great, very freeing to be able to check internet type stuff anywhere anytime, and once you get past the Android learning curve you will find it comfortable to use.  The 4g internet speeds are pretty fast, if yours are slow the SIM might be part of the problem as well.


                Before getting the new SIM I had 'opened a ticket" with support.  The day after things started working again I get a voicemail from the support technician saying there had been some sort of network problem with my phone that he had addressed, and all should work fine now.  So, I am actually unsure if the new SIM fixed it, or if, by coincidence, the SIM was replaced at the same time as the "network problem" was fixed.  In your case, if the SIM doesn't fix the issue give technical support a chance to work through it, just make sure you are transferred to a second tier tech.


                BTW you say the only thing good is the camera but try the GPS - it's great and I find that to be an app I can't live without. I had been using a TomTom for years but have retired it because I prefer using only one device and my phone is actually a superior GPS.  Buy a dashboard mount for your phone and you will see how convenient it is, especially with voice recognition.


                Hope things work out for you - since the new SIM card my phone's been fantastic, no issues, fast and fun - wishing the same experience for you!

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                  Hey thanks for the follow up information. I didn't make it over to the TMobile store today, but I guess it worked out because I'm glad to have the additional information you sent me today before I go talk to them.  So when you say that you opened a ticket with support, how do you do that? I guess I need to send T Mobile Support an email detailing the problems I am having with this phone, or is it possible to call them?    And then I need to ask for a second tier tech? Jeeze, I am really looking forward to spending hours on the phone with them just to be able to use my brand new phone that cost me $400.  I am really hating this. I feel like tellling them to take it back and going back to my old phone that cost $50 but it made and recieced calls without hours of tech support.  '



                  I also have another quick question for you about the GPS.  When I got the phone, they told me to get the GPS for $10 a month, so i did. Its called TeleNav GPS.  But I notice that there seems to be other choices for GPS aps available on the phone that cost nothing. Like Google Maps, which will give me directions. 


                  I'm  not sure if TeleNav is supposed to be better or why it's better.  It is because TeleNav will give you step by step  audio driving directions and Google Maps doesn't?  Im not sure why I am paying for TeleNav if Google Maps is free.  Is it really necessary to pay the $10 a month for the TeleNav GPS?  And if it''s not, how can I get the ap removed so I stop getting the charge on my bill every month. 


                  It didn't appear on my first month's bill because I think the first month was free, but iit was on the second months bill. Im also not sure if you get charged for the ap every month even if you don't use it at all.  Any information or advice you could give me would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks.

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                    Defintely cancel the Telenav GPS - I use the Google Maps GPS and it's free and works just fine.  The only thing I would want improved in Google Maps is that the voice is very mechanical and it's not changable without purchasing another app.  I can live with that, as Google Maps does perfect turn by turn directions and has a lot of fun features like satellite and traffic overlays on the maps.  I can't believe the people at T-Mobile told you that you had to purchase Telenav - I think that's a real rip off.


                    As far as getting through to a second level tech support person, I just called the regular T-Mobile tech support number on my home phone.  The first level tech I got was nice, I told him I had done significant troubleshooting at the store already and I was about to return the phone but I was going to give T-Mobile one more chance before I gave up as I really liked the phone other than the wifi problem I was having.  The first level tech could see the report from my troubleshooting at the T-Mobile store (where I had already spent about an hour trying to get it to work on their wifi), and so he just took me through about 5 minutes of basic troubleshooting before passing me on to the next guy.


                    Are you a long time customer of T-Mobile? If you are, then I would actually start with the Customer Loyalty department.  Call them up, tell them you are having problems with your phone, you were told you need TeleNav and charged for it and you don't want it - you are very unhappy and thinking about just dumping T-Mobile and what can they do to make you happier.  I would guess at minimum they will remove the $10.00 charge from your current bill along with cancelling Telenav but you might end up with a reduction in price or some sort of credit - it's worth a shot. 


                    I have to say I invested more time in this than I would have wanted to, but it was all worth it in the end, as I know have a really nice, smooth working phone that does everything I want it to do for much less than the alternatives.