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Google Wallet on Galaxy S 3


I called Samsung and Google Wallet support and they are telling me it should work with Galaxy S 3.  it turns out T-Mobile is blocking it.  Why? give us the freedom to choose what application we want to run.  This is the reason why i upgraded my phone.  You are forcing us to root our phone for google wallet to work.  why?  This is crazy, i wish i can still return my phone and order Galaxy Nexus from Googl directly.

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    GW _only_ works on Sprint. All other carriers will be using Isis. Isis will roll out in TX and UT in the next month or so. Isis will do much more then GW, such as be able to apply discounts and coupons.


    So Isis will have _far_ bigger support then GW.

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    I doubt it.. isis will be poward through PayPal backend.. worst choice EVER. Once merchants get burned by PayPal's often very late payment schedule isis will be dropped like the bad idea it was.

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    You should read up on Isis. It's not powered by Paypal...Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are being used. Using those companies system, almost every form of payment is covered. With all of those companies (and now Chase and Capitol One) backing it... as well as 3 major phone companies... I see it catching on.

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    Umm.. you should read up on it. all purchases will be run via PayPal as the backend client.. that means even if you use a Discover Card the actual purchase will be done through PayPal and the amount deducted from your Discover Card. You wont know its happening, but the merchant will and so will your card issuer


    This might change in the future... I doubt isis will live long enough for it to change


    Google Wallet now accepts all cards, even American express (tentatively for now).. sorry I will stick with GW

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    No idea where you are getting that info. Why would paypal be involved when you already have direct access to payment networks mentioned above? That is Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are all partners with Isis. Why would Isis need support of a company such as Paypal when Isis already can process debit and credit cards using the companies mentioned.


    Do a search for Isis and Paypal and you will only find articles mentioning the two as competitors (along with Google Wallet). Isis, Paypal, and Google Wallet are all the same type of company.



    "More pressingly, Isis will face off against Square and PayPal, two alternative mobile payment systems bolstered by their ease of use and name recognition. PayPal is already a popular online payment service, and its trial run in Home Depot and expansion into stores illustrates the eBay-owned company wants to dominate mobile payment as well.



    "The company [Paypal] is buddying up with large, trusted retailers and gradually adding waves of partners to ensure success in this arena, but it still faces stiff competition from upcoming mobile payment alliance Isis."



    "In two related mobile payents developments, PayPal (through its Zong acquisition) is launching what it calls PayPal Carrier Payment Network; and InMobi and Opera have joined for digital goods payments. The PayPal effort is designed to build on top of the Zong-carrier infrastructure (eBay acquired Zong last year) and expand carrier billing to encompass more types of transactions and larger dollar amounts"



    "It’s easy to think of mobile wallet solutions from companies Google, PayPal, and Isis as locked in a heated battle for the future of payments. But according to Michael Abbott, CEO of the mobile payments company Isis, that’s far from the case."




    Read the information contained in the last link... it makes it especially clear that Google Wallet, Isis and Paypal are all three different competitors in the NFC payment market. I can provide you with hundreds of links to information showing that Isis and Paypal are actually competitors. Can you provide any info to show that this is not the case... that Isis will (for some reason) be "using" Paypal for payment processing?



    Edit: Perhaps this is what you have seen:


    "The ISIS online store is supplied by paypal. Payment can be made seemlessly by credit/debit card from your paypal account. Any item listed here is also available directly from ISIS"


    If you have... you might have failed to understand what was posted. It's posted by the Institute of Science in Society (ISIS or ISIS Direct). Different entity.

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    Try I looked into it as a Merchant (I own a bookstore) the information sent on becoming an Isis ready merchant clearly detailed Paypal as the backend handler.. now this was early 2011 so it may have changed since then, I highly doubt it.


    Incidentally there is a far bigger world out there then just google search

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    Not sure what is meant by there being a bigger world than Google. I can search hundred of thousands of documents, websites, news articles etc. using Google. This way I can also actually _provide_ documentation to show what I'm posting. I don't need to mention something I might have seen from a year ago that might have also changed.


    Might have changed? Regardless, what I've documented clearly shows PayPal has nothing to do with Isis.


    As I read, it costs a vendor $5 to accept payments via Isis. Though I suppose the infrastructure needs to be in place to accept NFC payments. There are only a handful of vendors right now in the Salt Lake area but some are not  on the semi current lists.


    Let me also correct a prior statement, the PayPal system does not use NFC. A customer either manually keys in their account info or uses a bar code on their phone to pay.


    It's also not known what system Apple will use... but we know that won't be Google Wallet. Given Apple... it will  their own system.

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    Meaning you are not always able to find everything on Google.. simple fact of life that there is more happening and more knowledge then youre going to find online.


    Untill information is sent to me by isis specifically stating they are NOT using Paypal as the backend (after looking over my information again they also list Parallel Solutions as a possible backend as well) I will operate with the facts I have from the last communication I have... that it is.


    I did not say PayPal used NFC, I said PayPal was the backend.. huge difference. A backend is generally the contracted acquiring processor, the processor provides credit card processing, billing, reporting and settlement.. or did you think when you used a credit card the card issuer actually did all the work? lol

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    So now that Google, Paypal, ISIS, Verifone & all 4 large US Carriers have combined together into the Mobile Payment committee can we expect Google Wallet to be working on our NFC enabled phones? http://www.engadget.com/2012/08/09/google-paypal-mobile-payments-committee/

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    Probably not......

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    I'm _guessing_ that Google might have jumped onboard as Isis will be pretty wide spread and Google also needs to worry about what Apple will do. No doubt Apple will "invent" the payment system using the iPhone and it will be their own. If Google can get on board with all other parties before Apple starts something up then they could dominate the market. I think its a good move... take a smaller peice of the pie... but that pie becomes much larger so it's a good trade off.


    But I do agree that I'd rather not see data mining from purchases made. Google has shown that they so this and/or want to do this. I think simply taking a small percent on the transaction should be enough. If it's found out that data mining is going on then people won't use the sytem (nto that the banks don't do it now but Google has the ability to blow mining out of the water).