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    Not connected to network/install SIM card (but it's installed!)

      Yesterday after work my phone wouldn't connect to the network. It had happened the day before as well, so I powered if off, took the sim card out, put it back and powered it back on. That fixed the problem then, but it didn't fix it this time.


      I get home, and try to back the phone up. Kies won't recognize the phone. I get on the phone with T-mobile support, and they have me do a factory reset (after I copied the data off it that I could), after trying the card in my Nexus One... which works fine. The hard reset doesn't fix the problem.


      After work today I stop by a T-Mobile store to see what can be done. The Manager gets on the phone with T-Mobile, and they have him do basic recovery then transfer him to upper tier tech support. He manages to get the phone to make and receive calls, but it won't browse the web. He argues with the support rep that after 45 minutes of going through these procedures, the phone is obviously broken. They agree and he hangs up, then dials the non-store number so I can request a replacement.


      The customer support rep starts walking me through the basic troubleshooting steps... AGAIN. Then he wants to escalate me to the higher tier.


      I asked to speak with a supervisor, because a) this support rep's request to have me do all the basic recovery steps for the third time takes the phone completely offline, and b) I'm not going to do this a second time (myself) for the third time (me twice and the manager once).


      The supervisor wasn't very pleased to deal with me, and read me the riot act about the phone replacement. It was fairly obvious that she didn't want to replace my phone, but couldn't justify NOT doing it. She did mention if they could prove the phone had been dropped or gotten wet I would be charged 'out of warranty' service.


      The phone was purchased on May31st of this year. It has never been dropped or gotten wet. I left a T-mobile store with a dead phone.


      The main issue: Something is going on with these phones and SIM cards. There's quite a few threads about them already.


      Second issue: Why on earth wouldn't T-Mobile issue me store credit, have me drop off the dead phone, and pick up a new phone when I was at the store? Instead I have to hope the new phone arrives tomorrow and send back my old phone. That overnight air and postage back isn't free, I'm betting.

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          I should mention that the symptoms (the 'no signal' icon in the notification bar) involve no internet, and when you try to connect to the network, it prompts you to install a SIM card... which is already in the phone.

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            Now it suddenly can get to the internet and make calls... but I'm receiving text messages from random people.

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              i have don't know about why your phone was acting up, but i have to know, if you "left the store with a dead phone" why did it take so long to call in? or was it working fine for the first 2 months you've had it?


              i do know that t-mobile provides a pre-paid return shipping label, you just have to get it to a mailbox within 7 days of your replacements delivery day. i know this as i've had to replace my previous phone a couple times before i bought the GS2. keep in mind also, the issue may still be the sim card, did they give you a new sim card when you bought the phone, or are you using your old sim card? this phone came with a sim card that is newer then the previous sim cards, the old sim cards do not work properly in this phone, i know this because i've had to replace my sim card about 3 times for this phone, now it seems to be working fine, guess i finally got the right kind...

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                I may not have been clear. The issue happened Tuesday, that was the day that the phone wouldn't work. So I went to the T-Mobile store Wednesday (yesterday), and that's the day I left with a dead phone.


                For two months the phone worked very well. I didn't buy a non-functional phone.


                Yes, the phone came with a new SIM card. My old phone (the Nexus One) was a 3G phone. This Galaxy S2 is a 4G phone, so the SIM card wouldn't have worked.


                Thanks for your questions.


                Last night the phone appeared to be working, but this afternoon was back to not having any type of connection.

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                  ahh, that makes sense, i know i've had similar issues in the past with my previous phone, mytouch 4g, and a couple times with my GS2 before the ICS update. i have not had the issue yet after the ICS update (hopefully i didnt just jinx myself) i'm guessing you you tried to go in and manually reconnect to the network it'll say something about the sim card not allowing the connection. if the replacement phone has the issues too, i would personally recommend you go to a store and get the sim card replaced, just tell them its the replacement phone with the same issues. i have had much luck with my sim card replacements just explaining to the store reps what i've done for troubleshooting, and telling them i think its the sim card...maybe i'm just lucky and have nice store reps in the store i go to?

                  if the replacement phone and the replacement sim card still have the issue, then its the network and a trouble ticket needs to be opened to get the tech people out to try and fix the towers... just dont hold you breath if you have to go that far for them to contact you within 48 hours as the tech support rep will tell you, as they've never done so with me.

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                    I would try going to the store and trying a whole new SIM card, just to make sure it's not a defective card, and if it isn't, I'd start the process of a warranty replacement, since it sounds like something might actually be busted in regards to reading the SIM.

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                      Ok guys, do not waste your time on getting a new sim card from Tmobile.  My wife upgraded her phone  on May 2012 .  It is the white Galaxy S2 .  When she got the phone we did not get a newer sim card, hers is a year old sim card. 

                      Her phone works great with that old sim card.


                      The problem starts when I decided to give my new HTC one S to my brother in law and decided that I will use my wife's Galaxy S2 since I have 5 gig of data plan on my HTC S cell number.  Since the HTC uses a micro sim card, I requested Tmobile to send me a newer regular size sim card to work on my wife's Galaxy S2 phone.  After a few days, the sim card arrived.  I installed the sim card to my wife's Galaxy s2 and it appear that the phone is not seeing the sim card at all.

                      Called Tmobile and they asked me to give him the new sim card number printed in the sim card and also asked me IMEI number for the Galaxy S2.  T mobile told us to wait 2 hours before it should work and never did work!


                      I have an old HTC smart phone that I am currently using and that new sim card that Tmobile mailed to me works perfectly on the old HTC phone.  So at this moment you think the problem is my wife Galaxy S2? but wait a minute, why does my wife 's old sim card works on the Galaxy S2 and not the new one?  So we called Tmobile again and worked with tech support and finally decided that it might be a bad sim card they had sent.  After another few days, new sim card arrived and still the same issue.  My wife old sim card works on the Galaxy S2 and my new Sim card does not , but would work on my old HTC phone.



                      Finally, we called the tech support again and they decided to replace the Galaxy S2 , but we have to $20 for sending us a new Phone!  It appears to me that Tmobile is just authorizing just one sim card (the first sim card that was originally activated to that phone) and other sim card even if it is Tmobile would not work.  Is this a scam so we have to pay $20 everytime we replace it?


                      My last question is why my new sim card works on my old phone and my wife old sim card works on my old phone and her Galaxy S2?   i am pretty sure, the Galaxy S2 is locked for my wife old sim card only and other sim card would not work at all even if it is a tmobile sim card....


                      I read different forums that this problem on the Galaxy S2 has been going on for awhile now.  I am pretty sure when we get a replacement , this will happen again and will ask us to pay $20 again.  It is a Scam!  Either you force to pay $20 for replacement or Tmobile will try to sell you extended warranty or insurance..... WTF!

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                        Now we just received the replacement phone and I did compare the back where the sim card goes into.  I found out that some terminals are bent on the old phone.  I do not know if the people from Tmobile at our local mall bent it by accident, but there is no way I would not noticed that terminal bending like that if I was the one who put the sim card in.  I am not sure if some units has bent terminal already when it got shipped.



                        I am talkng about the 3 gold terminal at the front of the sim card slot at the back of the phone. Those terminals shoud be long and flat.  The one I have had  both terminal bent upwards and flattened.