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    T-Mobile Vs Simple Mobile

         I currently use Simple Mobile on the jailbroken / Unlocked Iphone 3 GS phone. Service area is so so , and speeds are iffy at best. I understand that

      Simple Mobile is actually lines rented from T-Mobile. If I drop Simple Mobile ( 40 bucks per month ) and go with t-mobile pre paid ( 50 bucks per month)

      what will I get for the xtra 10 bucks per month??? More coverage , less loss of signal ??/ Faster speeds on the web??/  Anyone have any idea?



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          Since it's the same network, the performance will be the same. But I do believe T-Mobile customers have higher data priority. For simple mobile, $40 is unlimited calls, text, and 100-150 MB/s of Data at 3G speed. For the $50 T-mobile plan, unlimited calls, text, and 100 Mb's of Data at 4G speed. After the specified amount of data, T-mobile will lower the speed of the data to EDGE and Simple mobile will cut off data.

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              Understood .....However , my Iphone 3 g ONLY works on edge with Simple Mobile...Would this also be true if I went with t- Mobile??? Currently when I put the phone settings on 3 g , my signal goes completely away , once I put it back on 2 g , it refers back to edge speeds . If I use Tmobile , can I switch settings on the phone to 3g and expect the phone to work?

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              You won't get 3G until Tmobile completes the changover to the 1900 band for

              unlocked phones.