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    Phone won't recognize charger

      My Sidekick 4g (which also has all the other problems mentioned on this forum) now won't recognize certain chargers.  The chargers work fine - I can plug any other device into them and they charge just fine.  It seems to have something to do with the chargers that have USB capability.  I have been using my car charger for months with no issues.  I used the USB port on the charger for my video camera, then plugged in my phone and it does NOTHING.  I can charge any other phone with no problem but the Sidekick doesn't recognize that it is plugged in.  Now my phone can only be charged on the charger that came with it, that doesn't support USB connections. 

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            Not sure how you got that "correct answer" mark - that document was not at all helpful. I know how to turn on and charge my phone.  This has to do with something having to do with chargers that also can cahrge via a USB cable.  In other forums, people much smarter than me have noted the same problem and says it probably has something to do with the way the power is converted within the transformer part of the charger.  The phone stops recognizing it.

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              We have 2 sidekicks, my wife's has been doing that for about 2 months now. Sometime you can plug in a charger (it dosent matter, car, wall, computer usb) and it dosent charge. The only way to get it to charge is to turn it off, pull the battery for a few seconds,put it back in, then plug the charger in and it then it will charge.


              I have had the phone run dead while plugged into a charger before. I can try several chargers and none will work until we pull the battery, so its not a bad charger, its a bad phone. The same chargers will work fine on the other sidekick.