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Not Receiving Text Messages

     If a couple of hours have gone by and I haven't received any messages I assume it isn't working again.  The only solution is turning off my phone and then turning it on again at which point I will have my phone explode with backed-up messages.  Has anyone else had this problem? And if so how did you resolve it?  I shouldn't have to resort to turning my phone off to see if there are any that I've missed.

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    Likewise. New phone. Turning off and on does automatically fix for me. If I find anything out, I will post back here.

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    This, from a T-Mobile person (it seems):


    If you're having trouble sending or receiving text messages, follow these steps to troubleshooting the issue:


    Important: This function may not be available on tablet devices. Check the User Manual of your device for details.


    1. Make sure your device has at least 2 bars of signal. If not, refer to Signal issue troubleshooting.
    2. Turn your device off and then back on again.
    3. Try sending a text message to your own mobile phone number.
    4. Check that the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) number is programmed correctly as +12063130004. Refer to the device's user manual for instructions.
    5. Delete old messages or message threads from your device.
      Note: For Android phones, also clear the message cache by going into Settings, Applications, Manage Applications,Messages, Clear Cache.
    6. Try sending a text message to your own mobile phone number.
    7. If you're still experiencing issue with text messages, please contact T-Mobile.
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    User Manual also notes that if there is not enough memory left on the phone, messaging will be interrupted. You must delete applications.

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    Memory information is available under

    (1) Settings > Storage

    (2) Settings > Applications > Storage Use

    To delete apps: Settings > Applications > Manage Applications

    You might also delete photos, video, songs

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    Deleting threads, resetting storage preferences to maximums like 20 messages, and clearing cache -- solved the problem (for a few days so far).