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    Phone is using Data when I'm off my phone

      For the last month in half I have been exceeding my datra plan.  I haven't done anything differnet since I got the phone. I have a 5gb plan and was averaging 1.5 gb a month. Last month I got a tmobile notice that I exceeded my data plan and by the end of the month reached 8gb data.I hardly use my phone so I don't know what's happening.  So this month I received another notice I used 4.5 gb in three days since my new monthy plan stated on the 11 th. 

      I called t-mobil and they don't know. Got a speach about ptograms running in the background and I have none.  I did notice this all apparetly happened after T-mobil updated me about the same time the problem started.


      Another thing I have noticed is my phone gets hot, it restarts at random.

      Has this happened to anyoneelse

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          Find an app like My Data Manager -- it can be used to help pinpoint which app is using data.


          I have found that some apps, an older version of the NPR app for instance, will continnue to stream data, even when you believe you've stopped the streaming and no longer hear the show.

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            if you have upgraded to ICS, one of the new apps/features is 'data usage' which will monitor what app uses what data, it also will give you the opion to limit specific apps non wifi data usage if you click the 'set mobile limit' option, i used that last month and used a whopping 3 Mbps on my data network, my limit is 200 before they slow me down (although its already super slow)

            another thing that helps with ICS is the ability to disable apps, some of the previously data hungry apps which i never used are now disabled so that helps considerably.

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              Try to sort out all the apps that you downloaded, specially the free apps, delete all apps that you are not using. Always make it a habit to exit all active application and clear the RAM before turning off the phone. Dont forget Android os is a multitask even the phone is off active application is still running on the background.

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                I saw this happen with my wife's galaxy s2. She reached her 2gb limit three days into the billing cycle, it would get extremely hot and the battery did not last long. After downloading some data monitoring apps we discovered it was her email account setup through the operating systems stock email app, not one specific to her email provider. Solution that worked was to change the email's check frequency to once a day instead of every 30 minutes. This resolved it immediately.