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Getting rid of Visual Voicemail


I installed Visual Voicemail, hate it, and would now like to get rid of it.


When I went back into Marketplace and found it there, "Uninstall" was not an option.


How do I get rid of it and go back to regular old voicemail?



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    you can't get rid of it. It could be done if you have root access. Even if you access root you will not want to get rid of it as without that app running in the background you will loose ALL new voicemail notifications and you will need to reinstall it back again.

    You can disable it by deleting it's data. so you get the old voicemail notification back by goint to settings/applications/Manage applications, tap the "All" tab and srcoll down to "Visual Voicemail" tap on it. Then you will clear cache (if any) by tapping on that button and also tap the "Clear data" button.  This will get your old voicemail notifications back and it will no longer use the Visual Voicemail app for notifications.

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    Whenever I take my battery out, my visual voicemail goes away.

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    Removing visiual voicemail is possible.  I have done it because it bothered the **** outta me when I had it.  Try removing it this way.


    From the Home Screen

    1. tap menu then settings
    2. select Applications
    3. select Manage Applications - this will load a screen of everything that came installed and that you installed on your phone.  Here is where you can find the file that is stored on your phone to remove it.  Tap the icon next to Visiual Voice Mail - and it will prompt you if you want to remove it.  Simply proceed.
    4. If that doesn't work, you may have to call customer care and ask them to remove visiual voicemail.  It doesn't cost anything and it should be a very fast call!

    I like to try self help before calling in.  I'm pretty confident you'll get rid of visiual voicemail following steps 1-3

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    Thanks for the tips.


    I followed the instructions above....there wasn't a "delete" option, but a "force stop" option, so I chose that, along with "clear cache".

    Hopefully that will do the trick.

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    Visual voicemail is a system application. In root. You can't do nothing to it unless you have root acces. The only actions you can do to system apps are uninstall updates, clear data and cache or reset the defaults.

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    I know for a fact I turned it off.  Under Visual voicemail - press the menu button - then select settings - there should be a Visual Voicemail Status I don't check that box, Speaker is left to off, Play all new is also not checked - I no longer get visual voicemail.


    I know you can call customer care and ask them to delete the feature it's called a soc (pronounced sock) and it can be removed as well.


    I just know doing it my way turned it off.  It made me crazy....

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    thanks, just turned mine off, much better now

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    I had the same prob (no delete) so I force quit and cleared cache and uninstalled updates I hope it works too.

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    This thread does not address the base issue... turning off visual voicemail.

    Sure, you can defeat the process on your device and/or make configuration settings to prevent you from being bothered by Visual Voicemail, however you will still receive "push" notifications when you move your SIM to your back-up phone. And should you be part of the larger majority who do not have two (or more) Android phones, those "push" notifications will show-up in your SMS text application.


    I re-ask the question, how do you turn-off the Visual Voicemail -service- ?

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    You need to review ssmokey727's posts...in order to remove a preinstalled app such as Visual Voicemail, you first have to root your phone...follow instructions on the XDA Developers website.  Upon successful rooting of your phone (and while you're at it, you should also upgrade to at least Gingerbread), install the Titanium Backup app.  This app has tons of functions, including the ability to uninstall any app, whether it's a user app or a system app.