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    Unable to SIM Unlock Galaxy S II


      I tried to get my Galaxy S II SIM unlocked (I've been with T Mobile for 17+ years and I go overseas a lot), but the folks at Customer Service told me I can't because "unlocking the Galaxy S II would eliminate 70% of the features and cripple the phone".  I don't think that sounds right. Has anyone SIM unlocked the G S II and survived?

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          Yes, mine is unlock, I have all the features. Try to contact T-mobile customer service and request for unlock code, tell them you are travelling outside US. They will ask for you phone # and IMEI, and email. Within a week, mine I got it within 48hrs. unlock code will be sent thru your email. You need to insert a different sim card (not T-mobile) AT&T then the phone will prompt for the unlock code.

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            I tried that.  That is when I got the "it will destroy the phone" speech.  I will try again and hope I get a different representative.  It is really sad how poorly trained those folks are.  I can tell the person on the other end was stressing because he had no idea what he was talking about.

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              I called them back. I got a different person who gave me the spiel that if I have Gingerbread, unlocking will destroy the phone, but since I have ICS, it's just fine and he filed the request.  This should not take an act of Congress to get done.

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                Ta da! I now have an unlocked G S II, and as far as I know, it's not exploded yet.  I got the email today and the number worked.  I put in my German Vodafone SIM, entered the #, and promptly was told it was accepted, but that there was not Vodafone network available (duh?).  So I then put in the Brazil SIM (TIM) and it didn't ask for the unlock code again.  After that, I put in my TMobile (USA) SIM and everything was back to normal.


                Now the question is when I need to do a Master Reset, will it re-lock the phone? On my Garminfone, it would, but I was told by TMobile that phone was "different" than others.  Regardless, I will keep the # just in case I need it when I actually go overseas again.

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                  i have a GS2 on a non contract with TMO....i have it unlock since GB version by TMO...Updated to ICS no problem....rooted the phone and it still unlocked...now if you are using a sim card from another company you may have to call that other company for them to unlock the sim card so it can be used in your TMO GS2...

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                    Recently i unlocked my Samsung Galaxy SII using unlock code.I got unlock code from online unlocking service provider