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    Will the Galaxy SII's LTE radio be compatible with Tmo's up and coming LTE Network??

      I'd like to know more about Tmo's spectrum refarming and if my Samsung Galaxy SII's existing LTE radio will be compatible with T Mobile's plans to add the 1700 MHz band etc.  Rather than wait for my iPhone to recieve 3G on Tmo, I went to a 4G phone instead and am already enjoying HSPA+ speeds!  However, as far as i'm concerned, this is still a futuristic device as the GS2 also has an LTE radio.  I'm aware that both AT&T and Sprint's versions of the GS2 come with the Exynos processor instead of the Qualcomm that the Tmo version has.  I thought this was to allow LTE functionality on their networks but then why did they bother putting in LTE in the Tmo version in the first place?  Remember that the GS2 was individually tweaked as per carrier request while the GS3 is almost identical across all 4 major US carriers.  So, is Tmo's GS2 held to HSPA+ 4G only?  Or will it be compatible with T mobile's 4G LTE sometime in the future??