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Wifi Calling drops


Quite often my wifi calling switches to cell during the call.  As soon as I hang up, it connects back to wifi calling almost immediately.  Is this means my network speed is too slow?  I don't think it's because Speedtest app, from my phone, showing amost 20Mbps download and almost 5Mbps upload.  What's the minimum spead for wifi calling?

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    Go into the WiFi calling app and then to Menu -> Settings -> Connection preferences.


    See there if it's set to "Wi-Fi Preferred".  If it is not, try setting it to that and see if it helps.


    I doubt you're having speed issues.

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    Sir are you on your home network or a public network ...? If you are on a home network, what is the name of your router? You can also have back plate cover antenna problems too ..

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    I forgot I posted a link to software for your problem, the link posted in the Android Development Forum, I will try to find the link for you ...

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    Found it, go here to the Wifi fix link


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    This is NOT a Dev forum.  Please discontinue posting and promoting Dev Forum material in this non-Dev Forum.


    toiday has already made it clear they don't want such and such things should not be getting linked here in this non-Dev Forum thread.

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    hitekone wrote:


    Found it, go here to the Wifi fix link <link removed> .....

    Here's why your answer is wrong:


    The link you provided is for CUSTOM ROMS.  The assumption, based on where toiday posted, is they have no custom ROM installed.


    Please understand that people that come in here may not be at your skill level and do not have a custom ROM installed.

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    Dude please, read the whole thread and you will see that it's not just for custom ROM images, the fix will also work on carrier ICS 4.0 ROM images too, OMG ...

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    That, I did.  And did not see one post that said "Here's what to do when your STOCK T-Mobile ICS WiFi is not working"


    I re-read the entire thread thrice.  The only mentions of STOCK ROM is when they say they went back to STOCK ROM to fix things.  Guess what -- toiday is on the STOCK ROM.  So, please try again.


    Show me the appropriate post and I will issue an appropriate apology.

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    Thanks to both  #darell and #smplyunprdctble.  Checked my settings and it's already at "Wi-Fi Preferred".  I'll try with Wi-Fi Only" so see if it stays on wifi.  It may also be my home network upload too.  I use Google call and occationally the other party complains that I'm breaking up while I can hear them well.