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safe mode on galaxy S2


ok now some peaple may have run into this when rebooting there galaxy S2 and have found that all there apps that thay have downloaded from the playstore are not listed in the home screen or in the applications but do have safe mode wording in the bottom left side this means you have rebooted to safe mode ok so how did you do it and how can you boot back up without safe mode, ok in order to bootup in safe mode when you boot your phone back up from being turn off if you hit the menu bottom when it lights up two times or even once you will find that thats how you get to safe mode so becareful not to do so because afther coming out of safe mode you will have to add your widegets back on to your home screen again because once your on safe mode the widgets will be disabled and removed from the home screen yup it becomes a pain but reason for sake mode is for fixing and removing unwanted apps that wont go away, note your apps are safe still downloaded on your phone thay will show back up on your applications once you go back to reg mode ok only way to go back is to remove the battery and wait for 20 seconds some times less put the battery back reboot and your back to reg mode, so if you do want to go to safe mode remember were your widgets were because thay will be removed when doing so, so again to go to safe mode if needed turn phone off rebooted wait till you see the menu button light up tap on it more then once may two three times then you will see safe mode in the lower left side of the screen, lol ok and sorry for all the ( boy sally) i tried making this as simple as possible but just wanted to make sure you guys understand lol because some have said you have to hold the power button and the menu button at the same timetill you get to the home screen to go to safe mode this does not work, you have to tap on the menu button once you see it light up when rebooting.