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    call block

      Can I block an specific phone number from calling or texting my Motorola defy/blur android?

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          hi! you can block specific phone numbers with your motorola defy. You can follow these steps here:




          Block incoming calls

          How to block incoming calls


          To block incoming calls, follow these steps:


          1. From the Home screen, tap the blue Contacts icon. 
          2. Tap the contact that you want to block. 
          3. Tap the Menu key. 
          4. Tap Edit
          5. Scroll down and tap the check box next to Send straight to voicemail
          6. Tap Save.
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            Yes, but... if you are constantly being harassed by an unknown (or marketing caller) wouldn't you have to created a "contact" for that called?  And, does this stop texts too?  Thanks

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              well, if you want to know if this stops texts, i believe it doesn't. But if you don't want to receive calls and text from unknown numbers, you may want to consider downloading an app from the android market/play store. One would be advanced call blocker, and you can check for others too. there are some thout would come for free, some you may have to pay for.