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    Does anyone else have very poor connection while at home?

      Hi, I have been having an issue for quite some time now and i'm not sure if it's been a problem with anyone else so I figured this would be the best place to ask. I have noticed that in the past 3 months or so, I have had just about zero connection while at home, in my apartment. It sounds very jumbled if I try to answer the phone while I am in my home, and usually the person on the other end cannot hear me or make out what I am saying... but the second I step right outside the front or back door, I have amazing reception. I have done tests where I have been on the line with someone and walked around the house which would result in the phone constantly dropping the calls, or go from making the call outside and then stepping in the house (which would again drop the call). Its very frustrating to have to step outside to make a phone call.


      I was trying to figure out if this is a problem in general with tmobiles phones, or if it is an issue related to this particular phone model... Does anyone else out there have this problem as well? Occasionally I will get one bar and a 2g signal, and then if I go to use messaging or anything on the phone it will immediately have a red x where the bars are located and will then say "Searching".


      Anyone who could shed some light on this situation? It would be greatly appreciated as I am ready to just give the phone back, eat the cancellation fee, and just go elsewhere with my business. Thank you in advance for any info you can give me!

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          I have been having the same problem for MONTHS now and Tmobile just acts like when you call (which I have called a dozen times now ) "OH SO SORRY BUT... " I think But what? They do nothing about it exccept, SO SORRY! And make me feel like I have to "SUCK IT UP" ! I too am ready to quit but I will refuse to pay the early cancellation fee simple because I have been a customer for 7 years now. My problem is I moved to a smaller town & different state but SO WHAT? Every body who comes into my place their CELL PHONE WORKS GREAT! 4 other companies they have....

          Verizon, Just fine.

          AT & T. Just fine.

          Us Celluar, Just fine.

          For got the the other one. Just fine.


          Tmobile, NOPE JUST HORRIBLE!

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            I know how you feel . whenever i want to send a message i must restart my phone and then go outside . Most of the time when i call it only says "Not registered on network" and i have to restart my phone meanwhile everyone else on different networks have no problem . It angers me greatly and make me want to switch .

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              It's horrific! I swear, I get more and more problems with the phone on a daily basis. Not able to check voicemail without using speakerphone, because if I try not using speaker, the whole screen goes black when trying to input password. Unable to make calls from inside my home, if I do answer a call, its dropped immediately. Utterly ridiculous, and I am seriously considering just cancelling and going with another provider.

              It's even gotten to the point now that my texts aren't being received until days after they'd been sent. A couple of friends of mine had texted me on a Saturday afternoon, and I didn't receive them on my phone til the following Wednesday.

              Yesterday, my mom had called me and got a message "Recipient is not in network and cannot receive call" though I had been home all day. Unbelievable how much we pay for cell phones, and cannot even use them properly.

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                Pretty much every thing you all have experienced I have been putting up with for almost a year now. I finally QUIT Tmobile last week after listening to the same old BS! Just couldn't take it. anymore & tired of paying for a phone company that does nothing to help except feed us with a bunch of "I'm sorry" words. Now I have company & a phone that works. I forgot what is was like to have a phone that is fast And works great and I PaY LESS!!!! And if they charge me $200 for early leaving (i had been with Tmobile 7 years). I will turn them into the better business bureau!!! Or sue them for stress!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more?


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                  I have also had the same issues with this phone. It has been replaced 4 different times in the last 3 months. Tmobile continues to tell me that they have no information on any of these problems with this model, which I flat out told them I believed that they are lying about that. I know other people with the same phone, same problems. I am, as well, beyond frustrated. I contacted LG today and found out about the software update to 2.3.6 version and that tmobile has had the update for some time now. When I called in to tmobile tonight I got a recording that states the update is going to be pushed "over the air" starting on the 6th and running through the 19th, but they are unable to tell you just when that will happen. Only that your phone will be unusable for approx 15-20 minutes while the update takes place and that the phone and all settings will be reset during the update. LG informed me that if I do not recieve the update by the 19th through tmobile, we will be able to download the update on their site starting the 20th. This update is "supposed" to correct all these issues.... I hope so, because tmobiles idea of correcting the problem was to initiallly offer to DOWNGRADE my phone to a 3g phone. When I refused and threatened to cancel service, they authorized a full upgrade status on my account. However this would require me to not only PURCHASE another new phone but also sign a new two year contract. I will do neither. I am so frustrated by this experiance and tmobiles total lack of concern or acknowledgement of the issue has left me, a 15 year customer, prepared to leave at the end of this current contract, and prior to it if this software update does not correct all issues with this POS phone.


                  I wish you all best of luck with this phone and I hope the software update does as planned or else Verizon here I come