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    Phone keeps restarting.

      So yesterday I bought a new phone, the T-Mobile Prism. It was working good until about 4 hours later it just started to restart itself every 10 minutes. Okay, I thought it could just be battery low, so I charged it full, while OFF. When I woke up this morning, it is now restarting itself every 3-5 minutes. I have not changed any roms, nothing has been changed on it. It also repeats text messages, I do not know if that is because of the "Handcent SMS" App or not. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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          This same thing keeps happening to me....  My phone doesn't do it every 10 mins.  It does it more like a couple of times a day.  What is this?  I called Tmobile and they were unable to offer any advice.  WTH?!  If you find out an answer, can you please share with the rest of us?  It may be worth it to just take this phone back and get another model if the problem is not resolved.

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            agreed i'm having the same problem!

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              I've been having the same issue for about 2 weeks.  My text messaging also has been freezing up a million times a day.  I've had the phone for less than a month and I've only downloaded like 3 apps, so I don't see any reason for this type of issue.  Mine has even been just shutting off and becoming unresponsive.  I hold in the power button and nothing happens.  I'm thinking of taking it back and getting a different model.  It's a nice phone other than these issues, but it's not worth the aggravation.  Thanks everyone for posting about this.  I wasn't sure if it was just my phone or not. 

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                Well, I can conclude that the apps have no effect on it. I have about three or four apps now because the internal memory is too small for this device. But my phone did stop restarting for about a couple weeks. But it has now started to do it again. One reason I can think of is if you are clearing memory, cache, data or anything related apps such as Facebook, Google Play, or any stock apps, this may be one reason for causing it. I am going to reset my phone and see if that fixes the problem, else I am going to get a different model also. I will post my findings soon. Thanks.

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                  Last week I took the SD card out of my Prism and the shutting down/starting up stopped.  Perhaps the SD card had an error or it or it was corrupt. =/  Try that.

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                    Don't have an answer for you but I do have the exact same problem! It's very frustrating! Everything I can gather points to the sd card. Still at a loss here, I'll be watching this thread closely. Hope someone finds an answer!

                    Good luck fellow Prism users!

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                      i'm on my FOURTH one in less than two months and i'm having the same problem. this piece of junk resets at least 15 times a day for no reason at all. it even resets when it's charging or not in use.


                      i've bought things at the dollar store that have lasted longer. it's not like this phone was cheap!


                      i never thought i'd see the day when someone made a product that would make me appreciate microsoft

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                        I know the original posting was a while ago but I just got a Prism and it was restarting randomly. It would restart while I was doing things on it or if it was just sitting around. i looked around for a while and i found out about the wipe Cache Partition to clear system memory if phone is not operating correctly. It can be found here


                        this does not delete any personal data or settings. Once I completed this my phone works perfect, has not restarted randomly since. You just have to make sure you hold down the both buttons while the phone is turning ON. after that its pretty easy to follow the steps. Hope this helps other prism owners out.