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Assign a drive letter - Galaxy S III

How can I assign a drive letter to my external sd card when the Galaxy S III is plugged into my Windows 7 or Windows XP Computer?

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    My Galaxy Nexus just shows up as a portable media device in the Computer Window.  No drive letter.  No sure you can manually map it to a drive letter.  Why do you need the letter?



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    Hi jrvjevjjvjrv ,

         Once you connect a device to a computer, it automatically assigns a driver letter to it depending on the port it is placed in.

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    Hmmm...that might not be true Alicia. I just hooked up my S3 to a Windows 7 laptop and the device was recognized without issue but listed as "SGH-T999" with no drive letter assigned. It is actually connected as a media device and there is no visible Mass Storage option. It isn't recognized in the same way as a conventionally-mounted USB drive or previous Samsung devices, and a right click on "SGH-T999" comes up with a lot fewer options and properties.


    This is quite different from the Vibrant or GS2 which will allow you to turn on USB Mass Storage, automatically mounting the device with a drive letter on the PC. The protocol in the S3 has been changed, it would seem.


    I'm not sure if rooting will enable mass storage, but I'm not ready to try that yet as my device is only 10 days old and I want to fully embrace the stock experience before doing anything else with it.