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    Wifi / Wifi Calling / Airplane mode weirdness

      Can someone confirm if the issue discussed here occurs on the Galaxy S III?



      Someone in another thread says it does.

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          I tried this and found that it did not happen, you should check it out yourself and see.

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            No I came from a One S myself and the GS3 is literally a thousand times better than the One S; it does not suffer from any of those awful software bugs, I promise!

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              Well I do actually have a problem with Wifi/Wifi calling on the GS3. For some reason my wifi connection keeps getting disconnected so I have to keep unchecking the wifi box and the checking it on again for my wifi to reconnect......it's stays on for a bit and then I'll notice that the wifi is connected and at the same time I'm showing an edge data connection as well, then shorty after the wifi connection is gone from the notification bar and I just have an edge connection....oh and I always have a low signal on the wifi. I have to keep on turning off and on the wifi option for it to reconnect. Today I tested something.......I shut off the phones data connectivity alltogether and then connected to the wifi with no mobile data at all. Well the wifi is perfect that way, the signal is always on strong and it doesn't go off at all. I'm wondering is this what I have to do from now on to have a constant wifi connection and strong signal?? It doesn't seem right to me because I've never had to do this with any other phone.....I too just came from the One S and this never happened nor did I have any other connection or wifi issues with it and I also have had every galaxy phone that has came out since the Vibrant and never did I have this problem with them either. Do you think this is a software issue......or the phone is bad itself?? I'm so confused and frustrated with this I'd appreciate any advice you might have on this.