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    Phone randomly shuts off

      I have four Galaxy S phones in my family and three of them are experiencing random phone shut offs. I don't always realize it turned off until I go to do something. One time it shut off 5 minutes after I had restarted it. Sometimes I can go a few days without it shutting off and others it shuts off multiple times per day.


      As far as I know I don't have any apps installed, actually I got rid of the one I did.


      Is there any known update or something to resolve this?

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          Having a similar problem.  Waiting for my 3rd one to be delivered and I just bought this in April.  Getting very tired of having to pop the battery out in order to restart it several times a day.

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            Well if you have to pop out that battery your phone is not powering off.

            The phone is actually freezing up and not working properly.

            Typically that is a application problem.

            Have you tried anything other then getting it replaced now?

            When I had the problem I ended up having to format the memoyr car and master reset the phone and tell it not to restore anythingt.

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              Interesting.  The other night, before doing a master reset, I hooked the phone up to my laptop to download pictures.  I DID get a message on my laptop screen indicating the drive needed to be formatted.  Could that be the issue?  I didn't do it and was able to download the photographs.


              I'm not an app user since I live and work from my RV and always have my laptop available.  The only thing I've downloaded is a security program that the guy in the store downloaded the first time.  I don't use it for music or videos.  Just for email, occasionally I use the GPS feature and texting.  That's basically it.  I do frequently use it as a hotspot for my laptop to access the internet.

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                I've talked to T-Mobile support numerous times - why has nobody mentioned this possibility?

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                  I also have a Galaxy S 4g that shuts off all the time.


                  I noticed that when you move the phone suddenly, it jolts the battery,

                  causing the unit to lose contact with the battery.


                  It is very frustrating BUT you can get used to it.


                  More than likely- it is a result from "dropping the phone" (previously).

                  Though a lot of us will never admit to a (previous) fall of the unit!



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                    Well, I'm in my RV  so the phone is on my desk most of the time -- in my pocket when I'm not in here.  Haven't noticed that the batteries are loose.  Usually have to pry them out -- my fingernails do NOT work out well with these phones -- even getting the back cover off is difficult.  I can see what you are saying, but when the phone is on my desk -- not moved, while I'm on the Bluetooth or the computer and suddenly it cuts out -- I don't see how a loose battery could be the issue.  But I will watch it and thank you for the post.

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                      I'm already getting my replaced.  The first time, Costco took it back.  I'm hoping for 3rd times a charm, but i highly doubt it.  It's an issue with the phone and gingerbread

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                        I understand what you are saying fiona but when you set the phone down, the battery loses

                        contact with the (little contacts) in the phone.


                        It is a result of (previous) dropping of the phone. I can (almost) guarantee that there is

                        some kind of signs on the corner of your phone to prove that is has fallen on the floor.


                        Don't fret... I am guilty of the same incident.

                        I can place the phone down on my center console (car) and it (might) shut off.




                        It's not always the phone manufacturer.

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                          Well, that's interesting since it happened again, the same day I got the 3rd one and I KNOW I have not dropped this one ever!!!  And, since we have to insert our existing battery in the replacement, as well as using our original back, how do they expect us to fix the problem if the problem is what you said it is.


                          Also, the phone has always been in the hard case I purchased from T-Mobile when I got it, so it seems unlikely this would be a problem.


                          I appreciate your input and I seldom blame a manufacturer for much of anything.  But in this case, I'm getting tired of having problems with a phone not working when I've never had these issues with past phones.





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                            I understand your frustration but you may want to go to your local Wal-Mart or (other) store

                            and get a new battery.

                            It seems that you (might) think that I represent the phone (Samsung) but I do NOT. I am

                            just trying to help you with solutions.


                            You could try 17 phones but till you get a new battery (and perhaps a new backplate), then

                            you might keep having problems.


                            Keep the faith

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                              I agree with Fiona...in my case I do not think it is a problem with the battery. I have not dropped mine at all, there's no sign of any damage, but it shuts off. Today it shut off about 3 times within about 15 mins and I wasn't doing anything...at one point I was holding it and it shut off.  Three out of the 4 fours in my house all had the same issue and they all started having problems around the same time.


                              If it's a problem with the battery and backplate, then T-mobile should provide new ones and not make us buy them, right?  If I go to a store, will they know about the issue? doubt it....

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                                Now it's making more sense...


                                Perhaps you are hitting the side (on/off) button as it is very

                                easy to do.


                                Anytime I pass myphone to my wife, she (accidently) hits the side, (one button or the other)

                                and changes (whatever) action that was going on. For instance, if I am driving and hand it to her for

                                texting someone, she will (almost always) hit the button and the screen returns to the (at rest)

                                off screen.


                                I am not trying to defend the phone but it is not always the unit. We LOVE to blame our

                                computers (anytime) WE make an error when indeed an electrical component is

                                incapable of making mistakes.


                                Sorry if I am making you angry




                                I can just (hold) my phone and (slightly) (ever so slightly) touch the power button and

                                my phone will react in the given manner.

                                TRY IT

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                                  If I were only hitting the on/off button, I would get the "Goodbye" message and I'd be able to turn the phone back on again.  When this happens the screen goes black and hitting the button produces nothing.  I have to tear the whole thing apart and pull the battery out and put it back in to get it to re-start.


                                  If the battery is the real issue, which it may well be, then I think T-Mobile owes me a new battery because I bought this phone new from them in April (my first mistake).  I shouldn't have to replace the original battery this soon.  I'm not happy with the battery to start with since, even with everything turned off, I can't get the battery to last overnight unless I leave it on the charger. 


                                  I live in my RV and leave my cell phone on at night by my bed in case of an emergency.  I don't want to have to wait to turn it on if something happens.


                                  I've always been pleased with Samsung phones.  But i'm beginning to wonder what has happened to their QC.  Maybe we are simply packing too much in one phone.  Because I have my laptop here, I don't download apps on my cell phone.  So it's hard to understand why the battery dies so quickly.  Never had that problem with prior phones.



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                                    not the side button in my case. The phone just plain goes dead. Mine doesn't freeze like fiona's, just shuts off. Mine hangs in a case on my wheelchair and it just shuts off. Other times it will stay on for a few days with no problem. Frustrating because I don't know it's not on and people try to reach me. Unless I happen to think to check it, I don't know how long it's been off.

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