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"Sync is currently experiencing problems"

The Gmail ap on my phone will not accept my password even though I know I have entered it 100% correct. I use an HTC My Touch 4G also known as the Glacier. I have tried to uninstall the gmail app but of course it won't let me without completely resetting my device back to its original status--which is not an acceptable solution. In the Gmail app itself I have removed all the synch requests but the mail and it still will not permit a connection. The alert at the bottom says, "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly." This is ONLY affecting my Gmail e-mail address. My local at home internet and cable provider (Cableone) uses the Gmail server for their email and through that email I am still receiving my syncs/emails with no issues. I have also used the phones internet browser to manually go and get my gmail and I can access it this way without any errors.
Linked services I use are Google +, Google Calendar, Blogger, Googles Contacts/Sync, and Facebook--all of which I can still log in from a P/C and my Android device.
Please help.