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Visual Voicemail missing from Market

I had visual voicemail but had to do a master reset with tech support.  They ended up sending me a new phone the next day.  I had to reinstall all my apps and unable to find visual voicemail in the google play store.  I have it on my plan as I was just using it last week. 


Where can I find the apk for it?

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    By the way, my phone is the HTC G2 - which shouldn't be an issue because VVM was just functioning on it last week.

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    ANSWER: I finally found out how to do this on someone's blog.







    Sometimes Always market/carrier restrictions end up hampering the user’s experience.

    One such instance is T-Mobile’s visual voicemail and I will show you how to fix the problem:

    1. The first step you want to do is call T-Mobile customer (Tel:800-866-2453) and ask to have visual voicemail activated on your account.
    2. Next it is important to have patience as you must wait – I was advised it would be for two hours.
    3. If, within a reasonable ammount of time you are still unable to download the app from market follow do the next steps:
    4. Get App Installer from Market
    5. Download tmo-vvm-1-2-19.apk (mirror removed for copyright violation) and place it on your phone’s sdcard. You can get the newest version but as I can tell the only thing difference is an embedded advertisement.
    6. Use App Installer to install the downloaded apk (It will not work with default installer)
    7. Fin.
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    Oh no!! I really want you visual voicemail back on your phone. I use that a bunch myself. I would take a look at this doc. http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2493#Cannot_download_Visual_Voicemail_VVM_Application_on_Play_Store. if this issue continues, technical support may need to file a Trouble Ticket for you to get this resolved.

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    Mike what sort of response is that? Are you a drone or a human, beyond that do you actually understand the subject matter at hand?


    Overlooking your failed attempt at grammar the support article you link literally says "turn the device on and off". Do you understand how the Google Play store works? Rebooting the device has no effect if Google Play decides your phone is "not supported" serverside. If you want to offer a true solution allow for the download of the APK, otherwise do not waste people's time - many knowledgable experts have attempted to solve the problem, yourself nonwithstanding, and the solutions are not as simple as "reboot your device and play accept terms of service". Quite frankly I see that sort of support as an insult to your customers and to actual technicians who have knowledge of the subject matter they speak of.


    I'm the author of the article linked above, I saw this thread in my statistics, and your totally useless response promted me to register an account.


    Beyond all that T-Mobile support is increasingly inept and unskilled in the jobs they do. There is no knowledge there beyond that which is in the knowledgebase, when people call you for help you waste their time and offer no final solution and simply read lines of a script. This brings enthusiasts like myself to provide unofficial, unpaid, support to your customers. You are failing at your duties and should be ashamed of the work you do.

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    thank you for the apk ...very helpful