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    Wolfson DAC?


      Can anyone with a new GS3 confirm their phone has the Wolfson DAC back in it?  How about audio quality playing FLAC or vb328k MP3 compared to the GS2?


      Also curious how the opamp fares versus the older model.  Grateful if you could provide subjective feedback along with type of IEM or cans you're using along with its impedance rating.


      FWIW, my rooted GS2 is running 2.3.6 and Poweramp Pro 2.  Cans used are 38 ohm Koss Pro DJ 200.  Audio quality is just about on par or slightly less than my 5.5g Ipod video with Wolfson DAC running Rockbox.  It's hard to tell the difference.  I'm not sure why people bemoan the Yamaha DAC in the GS2; perhaps older versions of GB weren't coded very well.  In any case, my GS2 sounds pretty decent.  I only wish the opamp would be a bit stronger.