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    lolita, how does that work? Do you buy the Nexus from Google and then insert your existing SIM from yout T-Mobile device? Do you need to contact T-Mobile about the switch? (Forgive me for being dumb on how this all works.)

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    Hi catthief....I didn't have to contact T-Mobile about the switch, you just pop in your sim and that's it. Yes, you can purchase it in the play store but not the the play store app, you have to go to Google play.com and go under the tab "devices". The GNex works great with T-Mobile, it's hspa+. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask....I think for $349 you can't go wrong! A Google nexus device for that price is a steal, and you'll be the first with jelly bean next month :)

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    Wow, you must upgrade a lot.  I remember you from the boards when I was first figuring out my Vibrant, now almost due for upgrade (which is why I am looking at the GS3).  How much memory is in the Nexus?  That is a nice price, but given that I have legacy subsidized plan that is probably cheaper than I could get unsubsidized at this point, the GS3 is probably cheaper for me. 

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    Is your nexus set on IPv4 or IPv6 in the apn protocol?

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    Hi tsayin! I'm not sure it's that I upgrade a lot,  it's that I buy a lot :)  It's a sickness....my poor vibrina is gone :( bricked, but I still have my htc sensation, then bought the sgs2 in December, bought the GNote in March and bought the GNex in May. I'm trying to stay away from the s3, it actually doesn't do anything for me, the specs don't wow me at all.


    The GNex has 16gb of storage, I believe 14.83 was available when i first bought it, and 1gb of ram.

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    @hype .....it's set on IPV6. It actually gives you the option for IPV4, IPV6, and toggle IPV4/IPV6

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    The s3 looks a lot better starting from the vibrant!  I'm actually looking for a bit more space, so the 32g version + the sd card are a definate advantage. I definitely also want a resolution upgrade, which is what kills the s2. so the note, nexus, and s3 are possibilities, but the s3 is the only one I can get tmobile to subsidize, and I don't think I can do better than my legacy plan.

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    Oh gosh, the s2 the vibrant is like night in day...especially in the way they run! Samsung got smart and got rid of the rfs and finally used ext4. And the GPS is 100% better.

    The screen on the GNote is just beautiful! It's probably my favorite phone right now. And while the GNex has a penTile matrix, you would never know it, it's a beautiful screen, crisp, clear, and vibrant.

    I have an early upgrade right now, which isn't much, the s3 is $512 down from $679 for the 32gb. In December I'll have the "early upgrade+" which I guess is the same as the regular 22 month upgrade....I may wait till December to see what's out. I really want to wait until April 2013 which is my contract end date.

    Yeah if you need the space, the Gnex  for you then. I have I think something like 189 songs, maybe 50 pictures,  and something like 37 apps, and I'm still close to what the GNex shipped with. It's enough for me. I store most of my music on the Google play music anyway and the Amazon mp3 cloud.

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    Does bill to carrier function on the play market with the nexus?  ICS now has my interest in no 3rd party UI on my phone.

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    @hype....I totally assumed that carrier billing was an option on my gnex but that I would check anyway, and what do you know?! The option to bill the T-Mobile account does not pop up. When I bought the GNex Google gave $10 in your Google wallet account so I've been using that $10 to buy apps, which I hardly ever buy an app, most the ones I use are free.....wow, I did not know that there was no carrier billing. But I'm sure there must be a way, no? Somebody on xda had to have figured this out by now, no?

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    Thank you, lolita, you are a wealth of information on this! I have just one more question - how are the updates handled, OTA? (Hopefully using WiFi?)


    Ok, just one more question. Did you root this phone?

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    @catthief....yes, the updates are ota and your choice of Wi-Fi or network. I didn't root the GNex and don't think I plan on it. Everything works and works well. I love the pure ics, love the ics blue color running throughout, love the battery and signal/network icon in the notification bar, there isn't any carrier bloat to remove...so as of right now there is nothing worth changing,  I don't want to root.

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    @lolita...Having no bloat will be an awesome refreshing change, and certainly with timely OS updates there won't be any need for a custom ROM. Mainly I want to root so I can use Titanium Backup and also have direct access to my Angry Birds score files. (haha I know, but priorities are in order here.) I'll do some research on rooting and see what comes up. Thanks so much for your help!

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    @catthief...haaaahaaaa! I use angry birds back up, it saves all my scores and levels.

    I've read the GNex is one of the easiest phones to root. So you shouldn't have too much of an issue. If you've rooted before you should be good to go :)

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    What I don't understand is why T-mobile stores don't carry OTG cables for their ICS optimized phones? Do they even realize that there's mouse and keyboard optimization with this OS?