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        Hi, Cameo,


        Yes, the Voice Control Full app costs $1.99. I had problems purchasing it because I was not able to get T-Mobile's billing to integrate with the Play Store (formerly Android Store). So, I had to go to my computer to purchase the app and direct it to be downloaded to my HTC Amaze device -- but, that was not a big deal.


        If you have experimented with Voice Control Test, you already know that the app was not developed by a native English speaker, so the wording of the commands and responses is a bit quirky but understandable nonetheless. I didn't know the answer to your question about requiring a data connection, so I just tested it in my house where I could look at the phone while it was dialing, and I didn't see any data connection. 


        I, too, am glad we finally have this figured out. Since the problem was pretty easily solved by installing a third-party app, it seems as though T-Mobile should be able to provide us with an app of its own to fix the problem. Pretty disappointing. I really just stumbled upon this solution -- it is not due to any particular technical expertise on my part.



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          I have a bad news, Tricia. After doing a master reset on my ICS-updated Amaze, and buying the Voice Control Full, I could not get my BT headset to automatically run the app on the phone. Neither could I use the Android Voice Dialing to do that. In both cases I had to start the app on the phone manually to be able to use the BT headset. I also verified that the data connection (Wi-Fi or T-Mo network) also had to be on for the Voice Dialing to work.


          Apparently the failure of automatic dialing app start with BT is a common problem with the ICS Android version and my guess is that it only worked for me before the master reset because the app somehow also found the remnants of the previous Gingerbread version of Android OS and used that. It does not work with the "pure" ICS version. So you might think of twice before doing a master reset if you want to continue using hands-free BT dialing. On the other hand, having ICS installed on top of Gingerbread may be the cause of many other perplexing problems which can be cleared up with the master (i.e., factory) reset.

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            What you say about the remnants of Gingerbread makes sense, Cameo. It was mysterious how downloading the Voice Control app seemed to magically enable the Voice Dialing app, which does not appear in the list of apps available on my phone. But, since the Voice Control app is working for me right now, I probably will stick with it and not do a master reset.


            I have only had my T-Mobile phone and contract since early July, and I'm already eagerly awaiting the day in 2014 when I can switch back to Verizon. It's unbelievable to me that hands-free voice dialing is not available or supported by either T-Mobile or HTC on this phone (and apparently on other HTC phones running ICS). I also have very poor phone service with T-Mobile, often not having any bars in my own home, and since wifi dialing also does not work seemlessly, this phone is practically useless when I'm at home.


            I hope you will keep us posted on your experiences with ICS after the master reset. I will check for a new thread from you on that topic.   --Tricia

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              I'm a little mystified by all this, I've done voice dialing over a BT headset three times in the last week. I'm using a Sound ID 510, have not installed their app or any other voice dialing app, just use the Google  built-in voice search.


              Unfortunately, recognition of the correct contact out of 400+ isn't all that accurate. Nothing like the reliability I had on my 2006 Nokia 6682.

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                Tricia, I'm sorry T-Mobile is not working out for you. When I bought my first phone from them, I could also not use it at home first, but in a year or two they put up a cell tower in my neighborhood and that solved my problem. But I still did not mind going with T-Mo when I had no signal at my home because I needed the phone more away from home because I use my landline at home. I mainly like T-Mo because of its world-standard GSM system, thus I can use their phones in Europe, and it's also the least expensive among the top 4 carriers.


                But I want to get back to our original subject and one of your earlier statements where you said:

                "I decided Voice Dialing didn't have enough features (specifically, it didn't allow me to confirm who it was calling.)"

                This one I have taken to mean that the Voice Control Full would actually ask you to confirm the number after it repeated your selection. However, I have not experienced any such thing from Voice Control. Instead, it essentially acted like the original Voice Dialing app: just voicing my selection and dialing it. This way a misunderstood contact could be dialed and the only way I could stop it is click on the BT earpiece button before the call went through. But I could do the same thing with the original Voice Dialing app.  Could you explain what you really implied by that quote above?

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                  Cameo -- The reason I switched to T-Mobile was because it was so much less expensive than Verizon -- about $40/month less for the plan I need. I, too, have a landline, so I don't need to use my mobile phone a lot at home, but sometimes I get (or miss) incoming calls on it. There are many cell phone dead zones in what is supposed to be my service area. On the other hand, data service is quite good with 4G often being available when I'm out and about.


                  One of Voice Control's options is "Request confirm only if unsure?" If you deselect that option, Voice Control will always ask for confirmation. It is not obvious how to find those options. What you need to do is start a call up to the point where Voice Controls asks, "What can I do for you?" Then, press Settings. A dialog box will open -- touch Options. You will be asked if you want to interrupt the call -- touch OK. Then, scroll down and deselect "Request confirm only if unsure?" Voice Control will then ask for confirmation before it calls or takes other actions.


                  Hope that helps. BTW, over the weekend, I think my phone was updated, and I had to fuss around a bit to get Voice Control Full to work again, but it continues to solve the hands-free/voice dialing problem for me. Do you know if there is a way I can check the update history of my phone?



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                    Hi, Chromejob -- Glad to hear that your bluetooth and Google voice search work for you -- at least to a certain extent. I have very poor luck with Google voice search, so I don't think I even tried using it with my bluetooth.


                    I have an old Plantronics bluetooth -- I don't even know what model number it is. I was going to buy a new one, thinking that the oldness was the cause of the problem, but then I started reading these forums and discovered that other people with the Amaze phone, and other HTC phones as well, were having the same problem. So, I started experimenting to see if I could get my old bluetooth to work before I invested in a new one. The posts I've made here document what has worked for me. If my experience can help anyone else, I'm happy to engage in discussion and answer any questions. 



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                      Older, much older, Bluetooth headsets may indeed not work with the latest Bluetooth standard on the Amaze. If it's more than 4 years old (just a number I picked out of thin air), I'd suggest finding a new one at least to test with. (Hint: go to phone store or Best Buy and ask for a demonstration/test before you buy.)

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                        Thanks for the advice, Chromejob, and I'll keep it in mind if I start running into more problems. For the time being, since I have my old bluetooth working with the Voice Control app, I am going to stick with that solution. I don't care to make any investment of time or money in my disappointing alliance with T-Mobile and HTC. I am counting the days until I can switch back to Verizon.   --Tricia

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