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    Voice dialing with bluetooth headset


      I've just got a new Plantronics Voyager Pro HD BT headset that is supposed to be one of the best out there with voice command capabilities but for the life of me I can't figure out how to dial out with it on my ICS upgraded Amaze 4G. I've read some ramblings that the ICS upgrade ruined the BT voice dialing but I have not read an official word on that. Can anybody confirm it?

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          Hey cameo!


          I'm sorry you're having problems with using your Bluetooth device for voice commands. The instructions manual for the Bluetooth device should provide you with instructions on how to activate voice commands such as dialing. When you follow those instructions, does anything appear on the Amaze like a prompt or an error message? Also, if you've recently updated your device to ICS, I'd definitely recommend performing a master reset to ensure that no 3rd party applications cause any issues during the update process.


          Let us know what happens!


          - Ian

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            I too am having problems with Bluetooth dialing on my S2. When I hit the call button on my headset the voice command comes up just fine but I can't voice dial anymore without hitting the voice command button which I can't do because I am riding a motorcycle.


            I have never had a problem with Bluetooth voice dialing until ICS. I really need help.

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              kevlarian, I experience the same situation as you. This makes my BT connection pretty useless during driving when wanting to initiate a call.


              As to tmo_ian's suggestion for a master reset, I am afraid my ICS-updated Amaze might end up worse with it than what it is now. My Plantronics BT headset doesn't really come with any details that could be useful for me beyond making the pairing. So before I resort to the master reset, I would like to hear from others who have done that and were helped by it. I also would like to know what else would I lose besides downloaded 3rd party apps. How about my contact list that's in the phone, not in the SIM card? I don't like to store them in SIM because more info about contacts can only be stored in the phone. The contact list though can probably be backed up somehow and then restored, but I have not looked into it yet.

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                    I too have a Plantronics Voyager Pro.  I also have two other Plantronics headsets.  All of them work incrediblely well with my old HTC HD2.  I get about 25-30 Ft. range before I get static.  How far can you move away from the phone before you get static?  How long have you had the phone? 


                    As for tmo_ian and his suggestion...it's the same corporate bull they have been feeding us since last year.  It may work....may.  If you decide to do it..will you please post the outcome.

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                  My Plantronics is a Voyager Pro HD and I just tested with listening to an mp3 song and I could hear it well to about 10 ft before it started breaking up. That's plenty enough for what I need it for. My main problem is that it does not sit well over my ears, especially with glasses on. It provides good sound but you almost need Obama-ears to fit that thing comfortably. I wonder if I should have bought Aliph Jawbone Era instead.

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                    I really need help with this.


                    Previously (on my GS4G and other phones before it), I was able to voice dial my contacts with a single push on my bluetooth headset.  Previously, these were the steps:


                    1. Press the "call" button on my headset.

                    2. Phone would say "What would you like to do?" (or something like that... don't remember the exact verbiage)

                    3. I would say "Dial Home"

                    4. Phone would dial and connect to my phone.


                    After the phone call, I would press the calll button again and the call would hang up, and my phone would continue playing the music that I was listening to prior to making the call.


                    That was then...




                    1. I press the "call" button on my headset.

                    2. Phone doesn't do anything except PROMPT me to PRESS A BUTTON for "TAP & SPEAK" <-- this i can't do while riding a motorcycle.

                    3. I press tab & speak, and the same voice now asks me "what would you like to do?"

                    4. I tell it to "Cal Home"

                    5. Phone will dial and connect to my home


                    It is the addition of "Press Tab & Speak" that is now part of the process. This is suposed to be HANDS FREE. Why the hell is that added to this process.


                    I want that step removed and the old process in place.

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                      More information...


                      I found that if I MANUALLY launch "Voice Command" it prompts me "with a double-beep" to say a command. This is great. However, I can't default the bluetooth "Call Button" to launch "Voice Command". It always launches "Voice Talk" which is what I DON'T want.


                      I can't find a way to change the default.



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                        Kevlarian, this is my experience, too. There is also a problem with texting because you can no longer dictate the text as before the ICS update. The microphon icon disappeared from the SMS write screen. The two issues might be related.

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                          This response is to kevlarian on how to launch a voice app by default on your bluetooth. Maybe this will help. In Settings, select Apps, and then select Voice Talk. Scroll down and you should see an area called LAUNCH BY DEFAULT. Unselect that for Voice Talk. Go back to the list of apps and select Voice Command. Scroll down and select the option for launching by default.


                          Even with the default set, though, I have found that some (most) voice apps don't launch with only the bluetooth button. They still need to be activated on the touchscreen. You might take a look at Voice Control. I read about it on xda-developers. I have downloaded the free test version (called Voice Control Test), and it seems to launch from the bluetooth when set at the default.  --Tricia

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                            Tricia, you mention both Voice Command and Voice Control and I am not sure if those are two distinct apps or it's the same app, you just misnamed the same app.

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                              Cameo, I did not misname the app, but I understand the confusion. My reply was addressed to Kevelarian who specifically named both the Voice Talk and Voice Command apps in his post. He wanted to know how to change the default app that would be launched by his bluetooth, so that is why I mentioned those two apps by name.


                              Voice Control is a third app that I thought might be helpful because I know that it fully launches hands free, whereas some of the other voice apps still require interaction with the touchscreen after launching, and that is unacceptable to Kevelarian because he rides a motorcycle.


                              I hope I have cleared that up.   --Tricia

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                                I've installed that Voice Control Test app but I could not change its default status in the Settings menu. The same was true with the Voice Dialing app that came with the Android OS. But I tried to dial with my Plantronics Bluetooth ear piece by just pushing the button on the BT earpiece. At that point a dialog popped up that asked which app I wanted to use: the Voice Dialing or the Voice Control Test. There was also a checkbox there to set if I intended my choice to become the default. However, that check box did not really accept my entry. When I tried it, the dialog box just got extinguished. Still, this looked promising because previously I could not get anything pop up when I pressed the earpiece's activation button. So I decided to uninstall the Voice Control Test app and see if the Voice Dialing would be invoked by the press of my earpiece. Voila! It worked this time like a charm and I could call my home landline phone by just saying "Dial landline" after pressing the earpiece. ("Landline" is its name in my Contacts list.)

                                So now my bluetooth connection can really be used in the car to call a number without touching the phone itself. Just as I expected but could not do right after the ICS upgrade. I wonder if there was some fix to the problem in the meantime, perhaps in the Plantronics earpiece itself.

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                                  Cameo -- I had that exact same experience. When I installed Voice Control Test, all of a sudden I could use my Bluetooth and I got the option menu you described for either Voice Dialing or Voice Control. I think there is something about installing the Voice Control app that also activated the original Voice Dialing app, which, as you and others have noted, was missing with ICS. I documented that experience in another thread somewhere here in T-Mobile support.


                                  When I installed Voice Control Test, I, too, got the dialog box you described, and I originally chose the Voice Dialing app as the default. I didn't need to uninstall Voice Control. But then, I decided Voice Dialing didn't have enough features (specifically, it didn't allow me to confirm who it was calling), and I wanted to install and use Voice Control Full ($1.99). That's when I had to figure out how to change the default, and it worked for me without needing to uninstall the other voice app. I'm not sure why you were not able to set the default, but I'm glad you got it working.  --Tricia

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                                    Tricia, I'm glad we at are on the same page on this issue at last. I didn't discover yet what Voice Dialing does when it misunderstands a dial call but I would definitely want a confirmation question before letting it to dial. Last thing I want to dial is a wrong number. So, I just might  go ahead and also buy the full Voice Control app to get that confirm option. Hack, it's only $1.99, right? Just one question about that: does it require a data connection, too, in order to work?

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