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Samsung Blaze overheating

I purchased a new Samsung blaze in April an the phone kept over heating... T-Mobile sent me a new phone and charged me for it and the same problem is happening with the new phone... The phone could be sitting on the bed and it will get hot, to the point the temperture sign will pop up on the phone... For the amount of money I spent on this phone.. Does anyone know what I need to do... The data plan is always running and I always have 15-22 application running on my phone and I am not using the phone... I went through 4GB od Data in two days.. Took the phone to 4 stores and knowone can fix the problem... Can u say free phone and money back.... Someone please help me with this problem...

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    Hi mdhp2012,

         Take a look at Battery is hot or gives off excessive heat: Android. This will help you work towards resolving your issue.

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    I have had the same issue, except that I have had my blaze since May 2012. I had no problems with it until about a month ago, when it started overheating and losing battery extremely fast. Nothing had changed, besides the fact that I ordered a new, longer charger cord online about 4 months ago. T-Mobile just sent me a new phone because I have handset protection, but the new phone is having the same problem. Any ideas? None of the things under the "overheating" article seem to be the issue.

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    Wheeler I left you a message in your other post regarding this issue.  I had this issue and it was related to an app upgrade.  Check my post and maybe it will help you.  BTW, if you are running Ice Cream Sandwich you can freeze those apps you don't use that are loading and running.  If you do use them, but don't want to freeze them you might want to consider something like Juice Defender taht will close these apps out when you aren's using them.   My guess is this is software related and caused by an app update.


    For the record, my wife had this problem when her phone was only a couple of months old.  We called T-Horrible and they blamed it on the battery and offered to send us one at full cost, which was three times the cost I could by the same Samsung battery at a local battery store.  Even though I made the point the phone was virtually new, they told me it didn't matter, the battery was not warranted.  We would have to pay for the battery and shipping.  I recall a similar problem years ago when I was with AT&T and they replaced the battery free of charge since the phone was under warranty.  Big difference in customer service. 


    Anyway, good luck in getting this straightened out.  With this carrier you're own your own when you have problems.