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    This phone is a joke, and so is T-mobile Support

      I have been a Tmobile customer for about 5 months now. I couldnt transfer my Iphone so I was forced to buy a new phone when I transferred from ATT, so I chose the Samsung Galaxy s2. It was great for the first month but then I started to have issues with the screen and it charging. It would just stay black, unless plugged into the charger but then when removed it would turn black again,so I was sent new one via warranty exchange. So the new one arrived and I had issues immediately.... it had no lock screen and many of the features werent available. I sucked it up and used it for about a week until is started having the same screen and charging problem. So I called again and again was shipped a new phone and it was great for a month and then Igot a similar issue with the exception that when the screen went black it would vibrate and it wouldnt stop unless the battery was removed. I have 3 different batteries for this phone and they all did the same thing. I also have 4 chargers in which none of them worked for charging them, but they worked on the Gravity and another smart phone when tested. So just a couple days ago I recieved another replacemnet phone(refurbished)  and of course out of the box when I powered it on there was blue pixels on the screen in places they shouldnt be. I thought it odd and called back to ask about it so of course all the usual steps were taken: power off the device, hard reset, master reset.... of course none of them worked. So they offered me the same phone! Why in the hell would I want the same phone when it is clealry junk. They then went on to offer me a basic LG flip phone and a Nokia X2. Both of these phones not even close in comparison to a Galaxy so I said no as any logical person would I want something that actually is worth the 600 dollars paid for this phone. The woman I was on the phone with then told me to into my nearest tmobile store and tell them the issue and to exchange it there, so I did! Upon talking to a sales rep he said whats the problem its just a couple spots. If I pay 600 dollars for anything electronic device I expect it to work as most people would, not have just a couple spots. So after that he went on to say that customer care has to take care of the issue and that it cannot be exchanged in the store. So I called customer care later that day. I immediately got pushed back up to tech support in which they said we cannot offer you anything except another galaxy. When i asked to speak to a manager they said hold on and then came back, after a minute or so on hold, and said they talked to the manager and that there was nothing else they could do. So tired and ****** I said fine send another. I called back later after realizing i was just wasting my money on another shipping charge and asked them to cancel. The woman said she couldnt and that they would waive the fee on the next months bill and to just send it right back, I said okay fine. Before ending the call she decided to try and upsell me to the 10g data package!! Are you kidding me, I have a broken high end phone and you people really think I want to upgrade data after all that, geez. So all in all as soon as I can get out I am, it is rediculous to have be with a company with such horrible support and unwillingness to help a customer.

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          Before I even read the whole thing I just wanna point out you can use an iphone on T-Mobile.. To be continued


          EDIT: Try the retention department. They should at least offer you something else. I would expect at least an Amaze considering its the only other phone on tmobile that reaches the same data speeds. I know when I had an amaze, they offered me a sensation or GS2. Yeah, try retention. If someone is trying to upsell you at the end of the call, your talking to the wrong department and people. There at the bottom. You need to get higher up.

          When you call up, just say retention department. You wont have to answer a bunch of automated questions

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            it was jail broken before we decided to switch over and the sim wouldnt read properly

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              Yeah that could have been worked around. I guess to late now but yeah I hope it all works out. Try what I said

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                Whenever someone gets multiple exchanges of a device and keeps encountering the same problems, I can't help but come to the conclusion that it's them, not the phone. I'm not accusing you of anything, so don't get defensive. What I'm saying is that you should consider usage and apps as the source of your issues. This phone works great for the vast majority of users. For one user to have three phones that mess up in almost the same way...it's got to be an app (or combination of apps), or some other something that's being done to it.

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                  It was a great phone when it would work. the second one I had didn't have any apps on it or anything changed I, I only had it for a week

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                    I am CONVINCED that the previous replies were from Tmobile employees :)


                    I have been with Tmobile since they were Voicstream....like 13 years or so.


                    My challenge was retrieving an unlock code for the Galaxy S.


                    The agent knew not what she was doing.


                    She tried to end th call by emailing me instructions on performing a Master Reset....that would have worked fine had I been able to get into the menu... Smh


                    It is so frustrating to spend time on the phone with a person who is just guessing....


                    The upsell on a failed product is idiotic!!!


                    That is almost like selling shoes to a person without legs.


                    P.S. operator error does not result in having a screen turn black or the inability to charge a phone.....


                    Sorry we have to deal with this company!

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                      To the OP:


                      My experience with T-Mobile and the GS2 isn't anything like yours. I'm extremely happy with T-Mobile, which is why I've been with them for 13 years. I'm also extremely happy with my GS2. Based on what I read on this forum, I'm not alone.


                      Why did you switch from ATT?

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                        Well that has to be a big DUH.  He probably switched b/c of price.  I know I regret having done so. TMo blows in so many ways its not funny.  Their service doesn't work in buildings.....doesn't work in your car....when it does work it's erratic.  Frankly, I'm shocked this company is still in existence. There is a reason people pay more money for AT&T and Verizon....because their network and service (Verizon only on this point) is just flat out better.  I know for one as soon as I can dump TMo I will and won't look back.  Being in the IT industry, I have friends and family that come to me for help.....I surely will tell them about TMo.  Awful everything with this company so far as I am concerned.

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                          You must be in a bad area rav.

                          I really have no problem with their service  any where I go except for one place and can use wifi calling there.

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                            Always hate when people say things like you do. If you dont want to be on T-Mobile, pay the fee and leave. Its 100 if you have 6 months left. 200 before that. You can dump them anytime. Sell the phone you got and pay it off if you hate T-Mobile.


                            I personally have great service. 12-15mbs download speed. Then again I live in NYC and I can have the crappiest provider and get service.

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                              There's nothing to hate about it when it's true.  I pay good money for a service TMobile can't provide.  And I am looking at dumping them...I just don't feel like I should have to pay the fee to leave.  I have HAD the service now for 4 months and $200 is not fair to pay.  I used .222 GB of data last month on a 2GB plan, mostly because I can't get a data signal from them.  Everytime I call and speak with one of their "special" tech support people they feed me a different story every time. Even their ICS release is a joke.  Every time I go to make a call using my Wifi, the blue wignal turns to green and my calls break up and I'm sitting right next to the router!  They just get it wrong on so many levels.  Heck they try so hard to have good customer service that the reps parrot everything back to you like you're a moron.


                              The whole reason they came out with  WiFi, and no one else is, is quite clearly because their service is lackluster inside buildings.  I live in Dallas.  While the DFW area isn't as big as NYC, it doesn't pale in comparison either.  We are one of the largest metro areas in the nation with one of the busiest airports in the nation.  There is no reason to have dead spot or poor coverage like this.  I firmly believe Tmobile will end up getting bought out anyhow.  It's a travesty the Fed's shut AT&T down from buying them.

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                                So thats why I am saying. If you really be off T-Mobile, you can always sell the gs2 on ebay. Pay off the fee and still have money left over for another phone with whoever you want.


                                It is quite possible it is the phone you have that can be causing it. I know wifi calling is flawless with my phone, thats why I use this phone so much. Maybe swap the sim card out, or get a replacement to be sure. If it still does not work, I would actually say its your router because wifi calling is pretty flawless on this phone. Thats the main reason I would think its the phone or sim card. If wifi calling isnt working right, something is going on


                                Stupid to have to go through all this I know but thats why you test phones out for 15 to 20 days and can back out of contract if the service is ****.

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