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    GS2 unlocked and rooted; can I still update to ICS safely?


      I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff, so please forgive me if my questions come across as stupid or have been asked before.


      My T-Mo GSII is carrier unlocked and has also been rooted.  The only reason I rooted the phone was to delete some of the bloatware that T-Mobile installed on the device.  I don't understand their mentality when it comes to making you keep applications you don't want, but that's a totally separate discussion for another day.


      Anyway, I'm still running the stock Gingerbroad ROM sans the bloatware apps.  I have Clockworkmod installed along with their touch recovery manager.  My question consists of the following:


      1.  Can my phone be updated to ICS via Kies or OTA (I assume in a few weeks) in its current state, or must I revert back to the factory ROM and recovery manager? 


      2.  If I can update to ICS in its current form, can I reenable super user?  Will I also have to carrier-unlock my phone again to accept international GSM cards?


      3. If I must revert to the original ROM, has someone already devised a way to root the phone again?  If so, I'd be grateful if someone could post a link to the how-to.



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