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    T-Mobile G2x Gingerbread Update FAQ / Issues / Requests

      So far I have yet to see one thread that tries to toss together all the common questions that are popping up here about the update so here goes.

      If you have anything to add please PM me as I would like to keep the comments to a minimum.




      Most Common Questions


      Should I manually update or wait for the OTA?

      Well if you want the bleeding edge not fully tested in the field release then head on over to the LG Website and do the manual update.

      Unless you are having serious usability issues you should probably just wait for the OTA.


      How long should the update take?

      From peronal experience and the general time on the forum seems to be around 15min.


      I canceled my update how do I get it back?

      Well you can wait for it to popup again, goto menu / settings / about phone / software update, or you can goto the LG Website and do the manual update.


      I just updated and my phone is crashing, resetting, catching fire etc..

      If you have not done a factory reset try that first before posting.


      My battery life is still terrible...

      Again do a factory reset also try keeping your apps to a bare minimum, Task managers, chat apps, and "anti-virus" programs are usually to blame for poor battery life.

      Also you can turn down the screen brightness, and when possible use WiFi instead of 4G.



      Current Known Issues

      * Confirmed by myself


      The camera is missing features. *

      - This is because the update is using the stock andriod camera and not the custom LG one.

      - We currently do not know if LG will update the camera.


      The lock screen doesn't show right away and you can see what you were doing before you locked the phone. *

      - This only seems to happen the first time you wake the phone after locking it


      Email app does not work with Exchange Server 2010.

      - I cannot confirm this as I do not have access to an Exchange 2010 server

      - This is caused by the email app being an older version then the Froyo one.

      - Email app version shows asversion 2.3 on Gingerbread can someone without the update confirm that this is an older version?


      Two Car Home apps show in the app list.*

      - Not sure if this is a bug or just something being misnamed.




      Things we would like to see


      -The old custom LG camera app


      -The ablity to remove the bloatware that is on the phone, seriously I don't need two Navigation apps on my phone. Also I can get most of these in the Market place if I want them.

           -Apps in the list include, Books, EA Games, My Device, My Account, NFS Shift, Nova, T-Mobile Mall, T-Mobile TV, Tegra Game Zone, TeleNav GPS, Zino Reader.