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    Samsung Galaxy II 4G battery drain

      I have a Galaxy II 4G purchased this last December and within the last week it loses power very quickly even when turned off. I can plug it in to charge it and after it reaches 100% I unplug. I leave it turned off (not shutdown completely, but I press the button on the side to turn off the screen) and in just a couple of hours the battery charge reads something like 95%. By morning it is around 87%. And all this time I did not use my phone, I received no emails, messages, phone calls, etc. I've tried to shut down nearly every running application that seems unecessary and still I have the same battery drain.


      How can I determine what is draining my battery? Is there an app that will track things like this? I use task manager to turn off an app everytime after using one.


      Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!