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    Daily data plan on iPad 3

      I'd like to try using T-Mobile data on my iPad 3 (or "New iPad," silly name) but have had many problems. Mine is the AT&T (GSM) version of the iPad.


      I ordered a SIM from T-Mo and chopped it to fit the iPad.  When trying to set it up there was the "invalid activation code" issue that many have reported.  I finally got that sorted out after being ping-ponged between different T-Mo support lines and set up the $2 "pay by the day" plan, entering epc.tmobile.com for the APN.


      The iPad connects to T-Mo's EDGE network and has a signal.  But the web browser will do nothing but direct me to the "My T-Mobile" login screen.


      I know the iPad isn't locked to AT&T because I've used it on other carriers in Europe just fine (and iPads aren't sold locked anyway). Are there any settings I can use to fix this?


      Have to say between the "invalid activation code" stuff and now these problems I'm not impressed with T-Mo so far. But I'm willing to keep trying.


      Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

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          I am facing exactly the same problem. My micrSIM was activated previously so dint get the activation error though. I am using $2 per day plan.


          I tried different APN settings as well, but could not make it work.


          Can anyone from tmbile support help with this issue ?

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            Hi dgbtmobile and joylogy,


            I am sorry to hear about the connection problems.  Unfortunately, the $2 Pay By The Day plan is not compatible with iPads or T-Mobile tablets.  You will need a mobile broadband plan.  Customer care is available to assist you with plan options.


            Hope this helps!




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              I'm from Canada and intend to travel across the USA for three months, i have my own new Ipad 3 and I'd like to know if it is possible for me to get a plan of about 3 to 5G a month, if yes, would it be possible for me to get it  from internet or will i have to go to a store when i will be in USA ? Do you accept Canadien credit card ? Sorry for my English……