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    Need to get my photos OFF my cell phone


      We just moved to Israel, and T-Mobile phones won't dial out or in here.  No T-Mobile offices available.

      I need to move my photos off my cell phone onto my computer.  How do I accomplish this?


      I have an LG GS170, which will turn on, but I can't email my pics to myself because there is no service here.  No T-Mobile office to ask them to download the pics to USB stick.


      Any help would be appreciated.  Since time zones are an issue, live chat is turned off, so no help from T-Mobile.



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          Hey Deborah,


          Unfortunately this device doesn't support Memory cards


          Memory card - Not supported

          Memory cards are not supported


          We're sorry, but this is not an available feature on your particular phone model.


          The only way is to send the pictures to your album which could only be done with Service.


          Send a picture to Album

          How to send a picture to the Album service


          To send a picture to the Album service, follow these steps:


          1. From the main screen, press the Camera key.
          2. Frame your subject.
          3. Press the Center Select or Camera key to take the picture.
          4. Scroll left and select Send.
          5. Select Message.
          6. At To, enter 222.
          7. At Text, enter your message.
          8. Select Send.


          So unfortunately you are in a place that doesn't get service, Here in the states at a store they have machines that can copy information from one phone to another.


          Only other option is to contact LG directly


          Customer Service / Warranty Service Center Toll Free Number:


          Hours of Operation:

          24 hours a day, 7 days a week




          Thanks so much for posting