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    Cannot connect to 4G or 3G internet, only wifi

      I got my first Android phone, the Samsung Exhibit, on Sunday, July 23rd, I had just a normal text and talk plan before but added to my line on our family plan an internet line for $20/month. I got it at a T-Mobile store and was able to log on using 4G internet and set everything up at the store. By the time I got home, it was no longer working. I can connect to wifi and all other features seem to be working fine (calling, texting), but the 4G and 3G aren't working. I've called the T-Mobile customer support 3-4 times, the store I purchased the phone from 3-4 times, called tech support 3-4 times, and gone to the store twice and gotten a new phone (Samsung Exhibit) but it still keeps coming up with the same error message after trying to load the internet with web browser:


      "Data Connectivity Problem, Server Failed to Communicate. Try again later."


      After trying everything possible with the phone, they're now saying that it's a technical problem and that all customers that have upgraded to a data plan in the last 3 days are having this problem and "T-Mobile engineers are hard at work on the issue." They have no idea when it will be fixed and it is a "nation-wide problem." The guy at the store didn't even have any idea why it's doing this as well! It's incredibly frustrating since I am paying for this service. I just want my new phone to work!!!


      Anyone else having this issue? Or had this issue in the past?


      Thanks in advance!

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          If the issue still is not resolved, you may need to call into Customer Service and explain the issue. There is a chance that the feature did not set up properly on the network and either Customer Care or Technical Care can resolve it or begin the process to clean it up.

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            Hi there,

            Thanks for the response. At this point I've been calling Customer Service every day at least two times a day to see if there are any updates. In the original post I had mentioned that there were supposedly issues with anyone that has signed up since July 23rd with a data plan and data not working. This morning (July 28) it had randomly started working so I'm hoping that it stays this way.

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              Sounds about right. If there issues with setting upt he service, it can take a bit longer. Hopefull it will be up fully soon!

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                I am having the exact same problem, I bought my phone at 3 pm yesterday, was working great inSalem, where I bought it, I used the video chat, awesome, but as soon as I got home in Lincoln City, which is 50 miles away, it stopped connecting to 4g and can't ven pick up 3g. I have asked other with different phones and they all have 3g here on the coast, so I know it has something to do with the service, but I feel thesame way, I wanna use my new phone and cant. it's making me mad..

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                  I've had this exact problem also, I got my new G2 smartphone over a month ago and the phone still will not connect to 3G, 4G or any data network. The rest of my family, who got the same phones with the same service have all had no problem whatsoever connecting to the network. My phone still does everything else like texting, calling and connecting to the wifi in my house but I've been trying to get this issue resolved for over a month now with no success. I've called T-mobile support several times, and every time they tell me that they've "fixed something" and tell me that the 3G/4G will be working in 2-4 hours but it never does. I've taken it into a t-mobile store, where the worker messed around with it for half an hour before telling me that he had no idea what was wrong with it and suggested that it was a problem with the phone itself, but I know that's not the case because I switched my sim card with my brother's and my phone's 4G was working perfectly fine with his sim card in it. Needless to say this problem has been extremely frustrating for me and I'm running low on options seeing as how t-mobile has not been able to help me at all.

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                    That's so frustrating, I hate T-Mobile customer service. I will say that my issue has been resolved (after 5 days of internet not working!). The store/customer service tried everything in the book and then just told me that there was something wrong with the network and "engineers were working hard to fix it." Which I didn't really believe, but it just started working one day!


                    At the store, did they try a new sim card for you? I noticed after being at the store for hours that alot of the problems seemed to be fixed by getting a new sim card. I'm wondering why the guy at the store didn't do that! Hope it starts working, I know how you feel.

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                      I hope you got your issue resolved luvmimex. Did you call customer service? I think in general, T Mobile coverage isn't that great. Mine doesn't work in alot of places and I've had T Mobile since 2006. I've learned to deal with it, but you could just live in an area that doesn't get good coverage, which stinks! Can you make calls and texts easily? I would think that if that worked your 3G/4G would work. I know exactly how you feel, it's like you just spend so much money on a new phone and it won't work! Annoying!


                      And thanks for everyone's replies. I was pretty unhappy with T Mobile customer support overall. I went to the store twice (got horrible customer service once) and called probably about 10 times without any resolution and had to explain my problem over and over again. I felt ripped off and frustrated but the magically my phone started to work! I am writing T Mobile a letter because I had to deal with such horrible customer service and I suggest everyone do that as well that is dealing with all these issues. Best of luck to everyone!

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                          While this is not my area of expertise, I have noticed this on my G2 since the Gingerbread update came in a little over a month ago. My issue was that while at home connected to my personal Wi-Fi, I had absolutely no problems...but when away from home I noticed that for some reason it seemed as though my Wi-Fi was interfering with my cellular signal. Often times I would select 'Use 2G Only' in my 'Wireless and Network' settings and this would allow my to get signal...which led me to believe it was only interfering with the 3G and 4G signals.It took me a while to figure it out, but by playing around with the device and looking for Wi-Fi management apps, I have it worked out now. I use an app from the Android Market called 'Woofi' and what it does is remembers Wi-Fi networks and it automatically toggles my Wi-Fi on and off. If it is a recognized Wi-Fi network, then it turns it on...if not it turns it off. Since I have started using this app, I have had no issues connecting to the 3G and 4G networks. If you arent into apps, try turning off your Wi-Fi signal when this issue occurs and see if it helps. Sorry for your experience, but hopefully this will help you all out.

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                            I have a Samsung Galaxy Smart phone and had this problem a few weeks ago.. I was connected to the tech support and they called me back at my home number.  They had me change a few of the settings and a few of the settings had been deleted.. after getting all the new numbers, it worked fine until this past weekend.  I didn't write any of it down, so I have to call back.  But the first thing she asked me to check was the VPN number in the settings menu.. if it's blank, then you need to have it added..