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    Missing (removed) features after t989 UVLDE update?

      Anyone else notice any missing features after the t989 UVLDE update? I've noticed a few small things that were not commented on in the release notice, and t-mobile's twitter help account suggested I post here to see if anyone else noticed the same things:


      • Can no longer set background to scroll with screen swipes
      • Live wallpers that would move with screen swipes no longer will (Third party live wallpapers included)
      • Nexus style live wallpaper was removed
      • Microbe live wallpaper was removed


      Anyone notice these same issues, or see anything other than this? I'd expect an official release notice to cover all changes, not just those that are "Improvements." I know these aren't really changes that impact the usefulness of the phone, but it seems weird to remove functionality with an update. If an update suddenly removed the ability to have more than one desktop screen, or removed the option to scroll in the notification tray, I'd be a little more upset I suppose. I just hope that removing features isn't something we are going to see with every update from t-mobile.

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