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HTC Sensation PHP Insurance replacement

Hi people i recently cracked the screen of my sensation and i wasn't so worried because i have the PHP the insurance and so i am going to file a claim tomorrow but i am worried at the same time i have read things on the web where people got a refurb. phone as the replacement after paying 130 dollars and the condition of the replacement phone was so bad and was worst than the broken phone. So I just wanna know if anyone had replace a HTC Sensation before and if it is worth it or not?

thank you!

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    Never had to have my sensation replaced yet but have had two other phones done in the past with no problems at all.

    Should not be getting a messed up phone.

    If you do I would call asurion back right away and make sure they gave you another one for receiving damaged product.

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    But you're almost certainly going to get a refub.  You just haggle with them if the first they send you is bad to send you another.  But the device is already EOL.  Refurbs are all that's likely left.  And usually about after the first month or so after a device launches, so many have been returned, that most people seeking a replacement after that point end up with a refurb.


    Consider this when you get another device.  The sale of that broken Sensation on Ebay + $130 would be enough to buy yourself either a used Sensation in good condition or some other device, possibly even new.  I use Squaretrade coverage when possible, because it's cheap and has no deductibles, but aside from that I never mind self insuring if I can't get Squaretrade coverage.

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    Well thanks guys for the info and i planned to just go with Asurion because it is better than using a broken one and i will post news for that as well